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Hours and hours of sedentary desk work is going to have a knock-on effect on our bodies – so it’s only natural if we’re a little bit stiff after a long day WFH or in the office.

If your joints have seen better days, a new viral TikTok challenge might be able to assess just how ‘well-oiled’ your knees, tylenol and motrin dosing chart by weight in particular, are.

The ‘Iron Knee’ challenge is gaining moment on the platform with more than five million likes so far.

For those not clued-up, the challenge in question involves a series of squats that put your knee mobility, balance, and total lower body strength to the test.

Are your knees well oiled, or rusty? #physicaltherapy #pilatesinstructor #fitnesschallenge

Dr. Dan says in his video, if your knees are iron-strong and ‘well-oiled’ then the test should be relatively easy. 

However, if it feels tough or impossible to do, it might indicate that your lower body needs a little more attention.

The Iron Knee requires balance as well as the strength and mobility of your lower body. So, if you’re able to do the deep squat – particularly with your feet flat on the floor – it means you have pretty good knee and hip mobility, as well as lower body flexibility.

As you lean forward, it tests the strength and control of your quad muscles on the front of your legs, alongside glutes and calf muscles – as they engage to help you stand up.

Then as you stand, the movement requires the full works –  quads, glutes, and calves as well as balance – so you can stand on your tip toes.

If your find the challenge particularly difficult, fear not, physiotherapist Sammy Margo has some top tips on how to improve your knee health below.

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