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Weight loss: Expert reveals 'best sleeping conditions' to burn fat

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It is thought as many as 16 million Brits suffer from sleepless nights. And during a heatwave getting enough sleep can feel impossible. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Dreams sleep expert Sammy Margo, explained: “The key point is to emphasise that keeping cool allows for the release of your sleepy hormone, melatonin, which will aid a good night’s sleep.

“Heat prevents the optimal release of melatonin and as a result, sleep is interrupted.”

She added: “Sleeping nude works a treat in keeping your body temperature down.”

Sammy shared eight other benefits to sleeping nude:

Helps you maintain a healthy weight – The U.S National Institutes of Health found that sleeping naked and keeping yourself cool while sleeping encourages your body to create more brown fat.

Brown fat helps to keep you warm by burning calories, buy lamisil online mastercard which helps to boost your metabolism all day long.

Improves blood circulation, which is good news for your heart and muscles

Keeps your skin fresh and youthful – Being too warm at night can disrupt the release of anti-ageing hormones – in particular, melatonin.

Builds confidence – Getting used to seeing yourself naked regularly both at night and first thing in the morning will help you to become more aware and accepting of your body.

Avoiding infections – For women, sleeping naked and letting their genitals breathe at night can aid in promoting their vaginal health and avoiding infections.

Increases fertility – Sleeping naked is good for men as well, as it is a good way to increase male fertility by not wearing tight underwear

Normalisation of hormone levels – As well as increasing the release of both the growth hormone and melatonin.

Helps people get closer to their partners – Having skin to skin contact with your partner releases the happiness hormone, oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone produced by the body that has all sorts of positive benefits, including combating stress, depression and high blood pressure.

Sammy recommended other methods to stay cool.

“Or you could even just sleep with a top sheet or try 100 percent cotton pyjamas too,” she said.

“Also why not try a cooling mattress topper or a wool duvet.

“This is heat self-regulating, meaning that it can keep you cool in the heat.”

It is also worth trying to create a barrier between you and your partner to give each other more space.

She said: “Ideally the bigger the bed or mattress the better, and separate single duvets to stop trapping the air in can help.”

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