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Is this the most revolting clip EVER? Porn star whose 32JJ boob implant ‘EXPLODED’ shares stomach-churning clip of her draining pus from her own infected breast

  • Sophie Anderson, 34, posted the shocking clip of her left breast on social media 
  • The mum-of-four is seen to squeeze yellow pus out of a seeping hole in her boob
  • She paid £15,000 for a Belgian surgeon to fix her boob but it went horribly wrong
  • The porn star crowdfunded the surgery after her 32JJ size implant burst in March

British adult actress Sophie Anderson’s latest attempt to have surgery to restore her 32JJ bust size has gone horribly wrong as she revealed the state of her left breast in a shocking clip on social media

Disgusting footage shows a porn star squeezing pus out of a hole in her breast after a boob job went horribly wrong.

Sophie Anderson, a prolific British adult actress who claims she’s slept with tens of thousands of men, timolol maleate adalah previously flew to the US to have 32JJ silicone breast implants.

But the mother-of-four, 34, claims an infection caused the implant in her left breast to burst out of her chest, forcing her to seek reconstructive surgery.  

This procedure, performed in Belgium, has left her with a deformed and swollen nipple-less breast. 

Ms Anderson has not revealed exactly what went wrong in the latest procedure but claims the surgeon who performed the op should never have let her go under the knife.

In a revolting clip, posted on her own explicit Twitter account, Ms Anderson shows off her infected breast. 

A stream of yellow-green pus can be seen pouring out of a hole where her nipple used to be.

While sitting in a field with her dog, Ms Anderson presses her breast, causing more of the gloopy fluid to slowly seep out. 

 Ms Anderson previously went under the knife to have the 32JJ silicone implants installed (photo from before the original infection that caused the implant in her left breast to burst out of her chest taken from her Gofundme page)

‘All of this is trying to come out,’ she says while squeezing.

Ms Anderson says she can’t sleep due to the open wound because ‘everything gets wet’.

In even grimmer footage posted last month, which MailOnline cannot show, she is seen naked standing in a puddle of brown liquid that is pouring out of the hole in her bosom. 

Her original infection led to the tissue surrounding the implant to become necrotic, causing it to ‘burst’ through the dead skin of her breast. 

It left a deflated sack of skin its wake. 

Desperate to get her breast repaired, Ms Anderson begged her fans for help, setting up a GoFundMe page to get reconstructive surgery which raised nearly £11,500, with some of her top fans donating as much as £500. 

She eventually decided to head to Belgium for a corrective procedure, forking out over £15,000 in total.

But she was left deeply unhappy with the results, describing her deformed breast as looking like ‘Bigfoot’s foot’ in a separate video, where she also revealed she was in hospital fighting sepsis. 

In her latest two-minute video, she even claims the Belgian surgeon she tasked with the reconstruction should have refused to undertake the procedure once he saw how damaged her breasts were. It is not clear why, however.

‘He should of said “no, I’m not going to operate”,’ she said. 

Ms Anderson said she is scheduled to have both her implants removed entirely but added she was committed to having surgery again in the future. 

‘I’m going to have to have my boobs out and start again,’ she said. 

‘I love having surgery and I am going to have more surgery.’ 

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