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We know at this point that celebrities have more time, energy and resources to spend on their, well, everything. If our dearest Goop is any indication, this can also mean their workout tastes can run a bit weird (not always in a bad way — but also occasionally in a feeding into diet culture way that doesn’t feel too great).

But the celebrities you love aren’t immune to needing to change up their approach to fitness — after all, boredom can be such a workout buzzkill for all of us. Whether it’s activities that are quirky but otherwise not out of place on a playground (like hula hooping) to opting to drop and give yourself 20 push-ups on a seconds notice to facial yoga and 2am wake-up calls, the rich and famous find their own ways to keep themselves engaged and feeling their best.

Celebrity fitness and workout routines can be deeply entertaining to learn about in a voyeuristic way, cost of gabapentin without insurance for sure. And (in the cases of non-destructive, creepily expensive, uncomfortable or obsessive behavior) they might even be a cool way to find your own fitness inspiration to liven up your own plain old peloton, workout video or yoga routine.

So read on for a few of the wild, weird and interesting celebrity workouts we’ve found.

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