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Want to work on building a stronger core and lower body? This modern take on the classic ‘bums and tums’ class promises to strengthen key muscles, improve balance and enhance flexibility.

Throughout August, Strong Women Training Club trainer Emma Obayuvana is leading a five-week glutes and abs series designed to improve core and lower body strength. Think of it as our take on the classic legs, buy online fluoxetine au without prescription bums and tums workout… minus the problematic language.

New classes are released every Wednesday morning, but don’t worry if you’re only joining in now – all previous workouts are available on the Training Club for you to complete in your own time. 

You’ll be doing exercises designed to promote healthy pelvic alignment and improve speed and agility. Complete the series and we guarantee that you’ll notice a positive difference in your other activities like running, swimming and walking.

Suitable for beginners, each workout will last a maximum of 40 minutes and no equipment is required.

What do I get as a member of the training club?

  • Over 150 workout videos across strength training, bodyweight, mobility, yoga, pilates, box-fit and barre
  • Eight-week training plans to suit every level
  • Exclusive fitness challenges
  • A library of over 150 ‘how to’ technique videos
  • Expert articles and advice
  • Exclusive weekly newsletter

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