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You have to hand it to celebrities: when it comes to baby names, they don’t shy away from creativity. Your favourite Hollywood stars have gifted us such names as Apple, Huckleberry, and even Diva Muffin (no, plavix price cvs really). While we can’t necessarily say they serve to influence our own decisions when it comes to naming our offspring, it does make the case that picking a baby name is a challenging predicament. Get it right and it’s a lifetime of happiness that awaits the child. Get it wrong though, and who knows the brutal taunting that your child could face in their youth. 

If you were looking for some inspiration though, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Data from the Office for national Statistics (ONS), which gathered all the names given to babies born in England and Wales in recent years, has revealed the most popular names that emerge at this time of year. Keep in mind that in the UK, March marks a seasonal shift. It signals the farewell of gloomy winter days and the greeting of spring, of more daylight and flowers about to bloom. Not surprisingly, it’s this feeling that seems captured by the popular baby names making their way to the top of the list for March.

So, just what are the names?

For boys, the top March baby names are:

For girls, the top baby names were the following:

If the above didn’t quick tickle your fancy, you can always go down the line of a theme and March isn’t lacking when it comes to spring-themed baby names. 

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