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Probably the most popular of the lot, the Flo app is used by millions of users daily to record ovulation and period symptoms, turning their data into super useful graphs that show exactly what your body is doing and when.

The Flow Premium offering goes a step further and offers personalised insights on your cycle & symptoms, health reports for your doctor, and a bunch of content that will answer basically every question you have about periods and conception.

Our favourite part: The chat feature.

The price: Free standard, from $19.49/6 months for FloPremium


Period Diary

A lot more basic than the other apps, Period diary allows you to log your period and symptoms, and provides information on your fertile window and potential ovulation date. In saying that it does have a pill reminder which ensures that you will never forget a dose ever again. Pretty neat.

Our favourite part: How easy it is to use

The price: Free



If you’re looking to get pregnant, the Ovia app might be your best bet.

It’s technically a fertility tracker so it really excels in helping you chart your basal body temperature, cervical position, buy cheap inderal best price no prescription and cervical mucus. But, unlike a lot of other fertility trackers, it has the ability to chart your period, too, and gives you predictions about your menstruation or fertility based on the data you input.

Our favourite part: how in-depth it goes

The price: Free



Clue is your choice if you’re not about all the flowers and glitter and just want a sleek data-based app that looks at your whole body. You can keep track of your cycle, fertility, mood, skin condition, digestion and energy. You can even log information about your period flow, menstrual products used, headaches, breakouts and cervical fluid.

Our favourite part: the multitude of options you have for what you can track

The price: Free standard, USD $5/month for Clue Plus


My Calendar

What’s cool about My Calendar is that it also includes programming to track irregular periods (we’re talkin’ to the 30 percent of women who experience irregular periods!), weight, temperature, moods, and blood flow, as well as sends reminders about birth control. With the ability to hide ovulation, fertility, and intercourse related data, this period tracker also works perfectly for girls and teens, as well as women who aren’t sexually active or have a partner who cannot get them pregnant.

Our favourite part: allows you to be discrete

The price: Free



If you experience particularly troubling systems just before your period like extreme sadness, hopelessness, irritability or anger, this app is for you. While you should first and foremost check with your doctor and find the support you need, this app is a great supplement to track your symptoms and hormonal changes in a clear way. The app uses a scale to track your mood, emotions, and physical effects like nausea, low energy and acne.

Our favourite part: it’s specialised to PMDD

The price: Free


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