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UK heatwave: Expert issues warning on UV damage to eyes

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Soaring temperatures are a deadly threat, namely because people do not appreciate just how dangerous prolonged sun it can be. Sudden deaths often shoot up in places that experience abnormally high heat levels. It is therefore paramount to take precautionary measures, even in the UK. According to Doctor Nighat, one of the most important tips is to think carefully about the time of day you do certain activities.

“The hottest time will be around midday so try not to be out in the sun,” she warned.

The problem could be compounded if you go out at this time and do high-intensive activities, such as running, noted Doctor Nighat.

What else does Doctor Nighat advise?

Keep a watchful eye on those most at risk of overheating in the sun, she advised.

High-risk groups include children, elderly, pregnant people, buy cheap crestor ca no prescription those with underlying heart conditions and cardiovascular problems.

Doctor Nighat stressed the importance of putting lots of sun cream on throughout the day.

Another activity that requires regular upkeep is hydration, she advised.

The importance of hydration is particularly salient for older people with dementia.

“Reminding the elderly that those who have dementia must keep drinking,” advised Doctor Nighat.

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