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This 15-minute core workout is part of trainer Kara Liotta’s fun and effective Power Sculpt program on the All Out Studio app. Women’s Health+ members get 50 percent off an All Out Studio membership for 12 months using code WHSTRONG50.

Yes, it’s totally possible to strengthen your core in just 15 minutes—just leave it to this at-home bodyweight workout from Women’s Health trainer Kara Liotta.

Before you get started, it’s important to keep in mind that the key to a toned midsection is strengthening the *entire* core (not just your six-pack muscles). That means incorporating a variety of moves in your workout that fire up everything in between your diaphragm and your pelvic floor.

Kara kicks the workout off with a warmup, priming your body for a workout that will “challenge your body in a new and different way,” she notes in the video.

From there, you’ll kick off a series of plank variations and other moves to help increase your core stability, compazine dose including bear crawl knee taps and a criss-cross hollow hold. Feeling the moves in your neck? “If it’s too much to hold this position, you’ll rest your head,” Kara reminds you throughout the workout and offers various modifications.

Bonus? No weights are required for this workout, which means you can squeeze it in no matter your location.

This core workout features about 15 minutes of exercises, but if you’re looking for more like these check out the All/Out Studio fitness app, which features tons of other workouts led by certified trainers.

Women’s Health+ members who subscribe to the app get a cool exclusive deal: 50 percent off the monthly price of an All/Out Studio subscription for 12 months. Just make sure you use the promo code WHSTRONG50.

Happy sweating!

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