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Now that we finally know having a dry scalp and dandruff are not the same thing, it’s important to know how to care for your head, whichever applies to you.

When it comes to rehydrating your scalp (with all that hair in the way) it’s important to get to the root (pun intended) of the issue and start treating it, stat.

To find out everything from what actually causes a dry scalp to how you can help break the itch scratch cycle, we spoke to Moroccanoil’s Hair Expert Violet Sainsbury for some super handy tips.

What are the symptoms of a dry scalp

– he signs of a dry scalp can be both visible and invisible. Think of dry skin in general, lexapro and drugs it can feel tight and sometimes a little itchy or irritated and these can also be signs of a dry scalp. If you’ve ever noticed little white flakes coming off onto your clothing when you brush or touch your hair this is also an indication of a dry and irritated scalp.

Can a dry scalp cause hair loss? 

Not specifically a general dry scalp, however more severe conditions of dryness on thescalp such as, eczema or psoriasis may increase hair loss.  

What causes a dry scalp

Dry scalp can be caused by many different factors, such as seasonal changes, irritation from hair products i.e the monthly regrowth touch up at your salon, a new shampoo or styling product and also hormones.

Is a dry scalp similar to dry skin elsewhere on the body? 

In terms of lacking moisture and feeling irritated, itchy or even flaking it absolutely is.  

What’s the difference between a dry scalp and having dandruff? 

True dandruff is more of a bacterial condition and whist visible flaking may be a part of the condition the flakes are typically larger and not super white in colour. When present on the scalp the fakes will also have more of a yellow or brown appearance.

How do I treat a dry scalp?

As a personal sufferer of a dry scalp the BEST thing I have ever used is the Moroccanoil Dry Scalp treatment, a pre-shampoo scalp oil made up of an effective blend of essential oils combined with salicylic acid for very gentle exfoliation. I notice a difference after the first use and usually by the second or third application I retire the product until the dryness returns. In addition to this I am mindful of not using scalding hot water to wash with which is not great for the scalp, skin or hair.  

What should you eat to alleviate a dry scalp

No shockers here. A good diet rich with all of the essential nutrients will serve you well but if dryness is an ongoing problem, up the anti with the essential fatty acids, omega’s and fish oils. 

What is the best hair care routine for dry scalp

A targeted and specific scalp treatment when needed, a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and washing with warm water rather than too hot.

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