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Eddie Hall might currently be recovering from surgery after suffering a detached bicep during a boxing workout, but he is still putting out content on his YouTube channel. In a recently released video, shot before his injury, the strongman-turned-boxer invites British-Australian celeb Peter Andre to join him for some sparring.

A singer and TV personality, Andre is a household name in the United Kingdom; some might even call him a national treasure. His shredded six-pack abs helped him become a pop heartthrob in the mid-’90s with songs like “Mysterious Girl” and “Flava,” and he remains in great shape now, at the age of 48—to the extent that he is confident he can take Hall in the ring.

“I did used to box when I was younger,” he says, “and I also did Wing Chun for a while, and also, lipitor medicine I don’t know if you saw one of our previous videos, but I did do krav maga.”

Hall starts off by challenging his opponent to punch him, and Andre does exactly that, repeatedly, working up until he is hitting Hall square in the chest and stomach as hard as he can. “I do this day in, day out,” says Hall. “That’s how you train your core.”

Once it’s time to reverse the roles, Andre dons some pretty huge protective gear before taking his first couple of shots from Hall, which send him staggering back across the ring. Then Hall instructs him to brace himself as he ups the power of each punch, until he finally hits him just shy of maximum force.

“Wow, OK,” says a dazed Andre when he is finally able to pull himself back up from the matt. “That was hard.”

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