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The COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it have changed many of the interactions that humans have with nature, in both positive and negative ways. A perspective article published in People and Nature considers these changes, discusses the potential long-term consequences, generic serophene next day without prescription and provides recommendations for further research.

The authors of the article note that the pandemic constitutes a 'global natural experiment' in human-nature interactions that, without seeking to downplay or ignore its tragic consequences, provides a rare opportunity to produce in-depth knowledge about these interactions and to help establish actions that can have positive effects for both humans and nature.

Although undeniably tragic, the COVID-19 pandemic may offer an invaluable opportunity to explore an appropriate future relationship between people and nature."

Masashi Soga, PhD, Study Lead Author, University of Tokyo



Journal reference:

Soga, M., et al. (2021) Impacts of the COVID‐19 pandemic on human–nature interactions: Pathways, evidence and implications. People and Nature. doi.org/10.1002/pan3.10201.

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