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Alison Hammond on weight loss with Adele tribute artist

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The 46-year-old Birmingham lass has just released an autobiography. Titled You’ve Got To Laugh, the book is filled with stories from her life and how she got to where she is now. It was shows like Big Brother that really changed life for Alison and now in her dream job, she tries to spread a bit of positivity everywhere she goes. However, things took a serious turn when she was diagnosed with prediabetes.

During a tough moment on This Morning Alison was not her chirpy and larger-than-life self. Asking presenters Phil and Holly to share some news she said: “I’ve had some news guys, I’ve had some news, 0.5 prednisolone acetate cream and I’m willing to share if you’ve got the time.

“I’ve found out that I’m actually prediabetic, so I need your help and I need to change my ways.”

The presenter, who is a size 28 frame, embraces her size, with it becoming part of her charm. However, the shocking diagnosis was a wake-up call for the star.

Continuing to plead with Phil and Holly she said; “If you see me out there, buying any chocolate, sweets, please, I’m begging you, I’m not allowed to have it.

“I’ve really got to change my ways, this is serious now.

“I’ve got a chance to turn this around, it is type 2, so I really need your help.“

I really need you, and I need you.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that prediabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal – but they are not high enough to be classed as type 2 diabetes.

Taking doctors advice seriously Alison completely changed her life around and started to cut out sugar and go for regular walks.

Thanks to these lifestyle changes the star has not only lost weight but has been given the all clear – swiping away her prediabetic diagnosis.

Reflecting on this worrying time she said: “’I’ve never had health issues until then. It scared me because my mum had diabetes and I want to be there for my son.So I decided to do something about it.”

Alison talks candidly about her relationship with food. She admits that she just “loves” it.

“Obviously, I’d love to be a little bit smaller because it helps with my knees and my ankles, but I’m not going to stop enjoying myself or wearing sexy clothes or having sex with men,” she added.

“In my head I’m slim. There is a slim woman in here with a lot of fat around her. I don’t realise how big I am until I’m next to someone. But I’m beautiful and a lovely person, and I know it. I’m not one of those people that hates myself. I actually love myself.”

Happy with herself and her size, the presenter also said that she has low cholesterol, good blood pressure and goes to the gym to maintain a healthy balance.

Having always battled with her weight she underwent gastric band surgery in 2014 after an embarrassing moment whilst interviewing Matt Damon in which the chair she was sitting on broke.

She said: “I was mortified. I wanted the world to swallow me.” Despite laughing it off at the time, Alison was adamant to get the surgery.After surgery however the star realised she was not suited to the change in diet and portion size.

Despite eating salads the star was left hungry. Two years down the line Alison made the decision to get the gastric band removed, admitting that she did not lose more than two stone when she had it in.

The NHS explains that a gastric band is a band placed around your stomach so you don’t need to eat as much to feel full.

Although a viable option for those who want to lose weight or lower their cholesterol levels, gastric band surgery may not work as well in the long-term, or even work as well for some people – as Alison found out.

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