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Animal Crossing fans upset that camera trick got patched out

A huge part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ success has to do with how much freedom it affords players to create whatever scenes they’d like. These creations then get shared on social media, and if they’re good enough, they’ll go viral. The best content creators want to make their shots and videos look pretty, which means getting rid of pesky menus that clutter up the screen.

The HUD, after all, is a reminder that what you’re seeing is a game — which makes suspension of disbelief a little harder. And so Animal Crossing creators have developed strategies to obscure the HUD from their scenes. When it comes to screenshots, that’s easy enough: Just press the + button while using the camera app. For videos, folks discovered that you could erase the HUD by hovering over the camera app and pressing the + button with the A button in a certain way. If you’ve watched a cinematic popular Animal Crossing video, chances are very good that the player used this very trick to make the footage.

And as of the latest summer diving patch, Animal Crossing has gotten rid of this bypass. Now there’s no way to obscure the HUD while taking video. It’s a small detail, but for fans who relied in it to make content, it’s an annoying and perplexing one.

“I was surprised because it was such a harmless glitch,” Miguel Deleon, an Animal Crossing YouTuber, told Polygon over email. Deleon likes to make films in real life, and found that Animal Crossing was a good outlet for movies during the pandemic, which has limited his real-world options. Prior to the patch, he and his friends got together to make an Animal Crossing movie where the group pretends to go on a trip to Japan. The film is a fun romp that is no longer possible to recreate thanks to the patched out glitch.

“I’m actually shocked they patched this so fast compared to how long they took to patch game-breaking things, like villager moving in glitches,” Deleon said.

Some creators are even holding off on downloading the new update just to keep the glitch intact — that’s how important it is for video creation.

“I know a lot of people were upset and I hope we can gain traction to make an official video app feature in the game,” Deleon said.

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