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Zoroark Is Coming To Pokemon Unite, Hopefully Just In Time For Halloween

Pokemon Unite has announced Zoroark will be joining the roster "very soon." The shapeshifting Pokemon will almost certainly add some unique abilities to shake up Pokemon Unite’s meta.

"Zoroark is dashing into #PokemonUNITE very soon," came today's announcement. "Stay tuned to find out more in the coming days!"

We should note that there was no mention of Zoroark’s abilities or the exact date on which it will arrive in Pokemon Unite. For the latter, we can assume it’ll be here before the end of the month as Zoroark is the perfect Pokemon to go trick-or-treating with. And for the former, we can speculate based on reports from the Pokemon Unite test server and previous datamines.

Zoroark will first start off as the unevolved Zorua before evolving at level 5. Both are melee, Dark-type attackers that can create illusions against opponents. According to Pokemon Unite leaker ElChicoEevee, their moves start with Illusion, which allows Zoroark to take the form of any wild or opposing team's Pokemon. It reverts to its original form upon taking damage or using one of its moves.

Those other moves include Slash, Shadow Claw, Cut, Fury Swipes, Night Slash, and Feint Attack. Its Unite move, Nightfall Daze, has Zoroark release three shockwaves of an increasingly larger area, dealing damage to all opposing pokemon. Zoroark also cannot be hindered while using this move.

Zoroark's regular Attack is far higher than its Special Attack, according to ElChicoEevee's datamines, so expect to get in close with Zoroark. The Illusion ability will definitely make it easier to sneak your way into enemy lines to put some hurt on.

Keep an eye on Pokemon Unite’s Twitter page for more information on Zoroark. And if you need some hints on how to play Pokemon Unite's latest additions, Scyther and Scizor, we've got a great guide to get you started.

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