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Zombie Mobile Game Advert Goes Viral Because Of How Bizarre It Is

An online ad for a mobile zombie game that is equal parts bizarre and hilarious has got social media buzzing for all the right reasons.

No matter how many games, movies, and TV shows there are hypothesizing what might happen should a zombie apocalypse ever actually happen, there’s always someone else willing to have another stab at it. Just when you think the potential end of the world has been covered from every possible angle, up pops a completely fresh take. Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, for example.

Zombie apocalypses are usually started by some sort of virus, or perhaps a scientific experiment gone wrong. To our knowledge, a man slapping his wife’s ass has never triggered the end of the world. That appears to be what happens in the bizarre mobile ad below. As you can see, every single moment of the 30-second glimpse into State of Survival’s World is as weird as the first.

The ad begins with a close-up of a woman’s backside reminiscent of the kind of physics that just aren’t okay in games today, and should never have been okay in the past. The woman appears to be cooking and a man who is hopefully her partner enters the room, slaps her on the behind, and then attempts to give her a kiss. Up until this point, the game looks like a crude and problematic Sims knockoff.

Four seconds in, that dynamic changes drastically. The man’s partner has clearly been bitten by a zombie and sadly, she has already turned. The next few seconds are where we wonder whether this couple is man and wife at all as the man goes from wanting to kiss the woman to smashing her head in literally two seconds later. He then rushes into the next room to gather up supplies, including an assault rifle he finds on a bookshelf. Is that not where you keep yours?

The haphazard placement of the gun becomes even more worrying when the gentleman rushes upstairs to save his child and dog from two more zombies. Either this is a Rick from The Walking Dead situation and he has been in a coma for a few weeks, or this guy is the least observant man on the planet. The ad continues to spiral from there as the star of State of Survival builds a fortress a short walk from his house after discovering countless more of the undead right outside. You can play State of Survival right now on iOS and Android, because we’re sure you’re absolutely dying to do so right about now.

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