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Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 7 Things Only Previous Games In The Series Noticed

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the natural evolution of evil dead things in gaming. Nazis and zombies have been slugging it out for years, competing to be the cannon fodder of choice for discerning gamers. Then, back in 2008, these two iconic bullet sponges did something that rarely works for villains. They teamed up. Now Nazi Zombies are here to stay.

Rebellion launched Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army back in 2013 and has released new installments of the popular alternate history game between main Sniper Elite titles, including a trilogy bundle containing the first three games. They are all chock-full of frantic undead slaying fun for up to four players. Eagle-eyed veterans of the Zombie Army Trilogy might notice a few things that seem slightly different from the last time they took Karl Fairburne and the Survival Brigade out for a slay. Also, there are zombie sharks.

7 Crisp New Visuals

The first thing you'll notice when firing up Zombie Army 4 is how much better everything looks. It might be a cheap shot to make an entry out of this, but the graphical improvement is significant. Characters look great in the improved lighting system and no longer get that washed-out look.

These games have never looked bad, but they have also never looked this good. The Survival brigade isn't the only thing that got a makeover. The zombies also look as disgusting as ever in this installment.

6 With Weapons, It's Quality over Quantity

If you go into the base game expecting a large selection of toys to bring into the apocalypse, you might be disappointed at what is offered. Don't be, though! What the zombie army 4 lacks in selection, it makes up for with weapon customization.

Even though missions can be hectic, it's worth looking around. Upgrade kits are scattered about, hidden in the levels. Using these allows you to add helpful modifications to your weapons. If that isn't enough, available DLC expands your arsenal. With levels gained through experience earned, perks become available that spice up your character abilities, increasing your survivability

5 The Preacher Is Back, Sort Of

A fan favorite of the Zombie Army game is the preacher. First found on a church altar in the very first installment of the series, this classic double-barrel shotgun packs a serious punch. You only have two shots before reloading, but those two shots could play an essential role in crowd control.

Zombie Army 4 introduces us to the brand-new preacher. It is no longer available to be chosen as a starting weapon but is now in the heavy weapons category. You will find it out and about on your adventures. There is a limited number of shots with no reloads. Once it's empty, it's empty. Just like the preacher of old, this weapon is unrivaled for crowd control.

4 The Big Guys

A few enemies have seen upgrades in the Dead War or don't appear in the base game at all. The Fire Demons are no longer the slow-moving fireball-spitting summoners. Now they are faster moving, flamethrower-equipped Heavy Flamer Zombies.

The chainsaw elites have become Butchers, wielding a terrifying buzzsaw. The Super elite zombies are now the Heavy Gunner Zombie, bearing down on you with its twin-barreled MG-42, one more barrel than its super-elite little brother. Also, the zombies have tanks and half-tracks now. Zombie tanks are a thing.

3 Strategic Healing

Another significant change fans of the newly minted Dead War will notice is the health system. Gone is the health system found in many popular games, where you duck behind a box for a few seconds or hide around a corner until your bullet hole-riddled body's Deadpool-level healing factor kicks in. Zombie Army 4 takes it back even farther to the days of health bars and medkits.

Balancing knowing exactly how much health you have with when to use your limited supply of medkits adds a new layer of tactical thinking. Medkits can be found in safe rooms and occasionally out in the world. You can also restore your health using melee takedowns once charged up, requiring a bit of tactical forethought with a dash of good ole fashion zombie stabbing.

2 Up Close And Personal

There are times in the Zombie Army series when it was easy to feel overwhelmed. That's because you likely were getting overrun with undead Nazis. It was bound to happen but wasn't an issue for a couple of reasons in the first three games. Shotguns were one, and the all-powerful melee kick was the other.

The kick may be gone but has been replaced in Zombie Army 4 by a new melee system and weapons. This whooping fun includes heath restoring rechargeable melee takedowns and weapon takedowns. You will start with a combat knife and unlock other toys such as the electric fist, flaming axes, and a holy hammer to let you channel your inner cleric while dispatching the legions of the undead.

1 Starting Lineup

You will notice a change-up in the starting roster. Only two of the original Survival Brigade appear in the base game. Returning favorites of Karl Fairburne and Boris Medvedev are in the lineup, as well as two new characters to play, Shola and Jun.

Each has strengths and weaknesses that will add some spice to already spicy combat. Characters have fully voiced dialogue in the Dead War, giving a bit more life to their adventures fighting the dead. Hearing Karl's gravelly voice spitting out a one-liner after stomping in a zombie's head feels just right.

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