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Zombie Army 4: Dead Ahead Walkthrough And Collectibles

Dead Ahead is the first campaign in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, displaying the collapse of the hero’s base in Milan. Here’s everything you need to know to complete Dead Ahead and find all of the collectibles.

Chapter 1: Reporting In Walkthrough

When you start the mission, head down the path and kill the zombies. After you kill a few, some dead bodies on the ground will rise up to catch you off guard. Kill them and climb up onto the barricade. A resistance fighter will call you over to the gate and open the door. Enter the base and make your way along the path to find Bruno.

Reporting In Document

After speaking with Bruno, go through the door to your right. Before going upstairs, look on the table in the room to the left to find a document.

Reporting In Comic

Go up the first flight of stairs and through the door to find a comic in a storage cupboard.

Climb to the top of the stairs to continue with the main objective. Jacques will ask you to clear Husks off the radio tower. There are four Husks in total climbing the tower.

Reporting In Zombie Hand

Look down at the zombie-infested train yard. There is a train on a circular platform in the middle. Look around this circular platform to find a Zombie Hand running around. It’s very small and can be hard to see. Shoot it to earn this collectible.

After clearing the radio tower, turn around and enter the infirmary. A doctor here will offer you a medkit, which allows you to heal when damaged. Collect this from the box on the table and go through the door to your right.

Reporting In Upgrade Kit

Before going down the stairs, there is a doorway covered by a barricade. Smash this barricade using your melee attack. There is an upgrade kit on a table at the end of the corridor.

Head down the stairs to the safe room to complete Chapter 1: Reporting In.

Chapter 2: Locomotive Lockdown Walkthrough

When Locomotive Lockdown begins, the workshop will be in front of you. To your left, there is a set of stairs leading down to a shooting range.

Locomotive Lockdown Upgrade Kit

Make your way into the workshop, where Edie will be calling you over to a desk. You’ll find an upgrade kit on top. To your right, there is a workbench that you can use to upgrade your guns.

Locomotive Lockdown Upgrade Kit

Now, go down into the shooting range. There is a mini-game here that you can take part in. Complete the game to unlock an upgrade kit as a reward.

Run through the workshop and follow the markers along to Platform 5. When you open the gate leading onto the platform, a cutscene will trigger. A train crashes through a wall onto the platform, killing some resistance fighters and unleashing a zombie horde on the base.

Look opposite the gate that you opened to find a mounted turret. Use this to whittle away at the zombie horde. As you move along the platform, you’ll find a Blood Seal blocking a door.

  • To destroy the seal, you must kill all the zombies on the platform.

Usually, it ends up unlocking before all of the zombies are dead, so just keep shooting until you can continue.

Locomotive Lockdown Comic

After breaking the blood seal, you’ll enter a small room with a bench inside. As you walk in, zombies will burst through the windows. Kill the zombies and then look along the bench to find a comic book.

Go through the opened train car to get to Platform 2. Once you get to the platform, you’ll need to climb on top of a train so that you can survey the area.

Locomotive Lockdown Zombie Hand

As you do this, turn around to find a zombie hand running along the top of another train. You can shoot this one before climbing the train, but it’s harder to hit from down on the platform.

  • Try to destroy the hand before triggering the next horde defense section, as you could easily become overwhelmed.

During the next section, you must defend platform 2 from an incoming zombie horde. There are multiple traps laid out across the platform which you can use to kill them quickly. There are explosives that you can shoot, as well as targets that can be shot to activate electric grids.

After clearing the platform, you need to make your way over to platform 3. Move in the direction from which the horde came to find the central area of the train station. This will trigger another cutscene, revealing the Suicider zombie.

Locomotive Lockdown Upgrade Kit

After the cutscene, you must survive a Suicider attack and a zombie horde. To your right, there is a tower that you can climb. Head up the stairs and look inside the shack on top to find an upgrade kit.

Locomotive Lockdown Document

After killing the zombies, move forward down the alley and look left. You will see a shack with a bright light above the door. Head inside to find a document on a table.

Go back into the alleyway and run around the corner to find a safe room, completing Chapter 2: Locomotive Lockdown.

Chapter 3: Off The Rails Walkthrough

First, search the safe room for ammo and grenades. You can also use the workbench here to upgrade any weapons and change your perks before heading out.

Off The Rails Document

After leaving the safe room, clear out the platform of zombies. You will be tasked with going down into the underpass, but for now, you should stay on the platform. Make your way to the right of the underpass stairs and look through the makeshift shacks in the train cars. You’ll find a document lying on a table in one of them.

Go through the flooded underpass and make your way back onto the platform. Here, you’ll be attacked by some zombies and suiciders.

  • There is a blood seal blocking a gate again, so keep killing zombies until you can advance.

Off The Rails Heroic Action

When the gate opens, you can move up the stairs. Your objective will direct you right over a bridge, but don’t cross it yet. First, go down the other side of the stairs and rush over to the shack up ahead. Zombies will be swarming towards two survivors.

  • Defend them to complete a heroic action, which is another type of collectible in Zombie Army 4.

Heroic Actions are harder to complete because they are time sensitive, so make sure you get to the shack quickly. Stand in the doorway to stop any zombies from getting inside and attacking the survivors.

Off The Rails Upgrade Kit

After completing the Heroic Action, cross the bridge to trigger a cutscene. Afterward, you’ll be directed down some stairs to the right. Instead, turn left and move down.

Once down these stairs, turn the corner to your right and go down the alley. You will find an upgrade kit on a crate. As you move towards it, a zombie will pop out to defend. Kill the zombie and take the upgrade kit.

After, go back up to the bridge and down the other side. The floor will be turning to lava, so make your way across the chasm by running on top of the train cars.

Off The Rails Zombie Hand

Clear the large pack of zombies moving towards you. As you start moving up a slope, your character will note that zombies are falling from the roof. When this happens, look to the right to find a fenced off area.

You can’t walk down to access it, but you can look down over the area. Look around to find a rat on top of a barrel. Below that, you will see a zombie hand running around between the barrels.

After destroying the zombie hand, make your way towards the signal house. Search a large yellow crate before going up the stairs to find the Preacher heavy weapon. This will be useful in an upcoming fight, so save its ammo for now.

Off The Rails Comic

To get inside the signal house, you must break another blood seal by killing the zombies dropping down from the roof. Drop the Preacher and use a regular weapon to kill them.

  • Once the seal breaks, grab the Preacher and continue inside.

Once inside, turn left to find a comic on a desk. Then, pull the lever in the signal house and walk out on to the platform. A flamethrower boss zombie will spawn and start torching the area.

Off The Rails Flamethrower Boss Fight

This boss can kill you quickly with the flamethrower, but it’s easy to defeat with the Preacher heavy weapon. Move towards the zombie and simply shoot it with the weapon until it dies – this can take anywhere from three to five shots, depending on where you shoot.

  • The gas tank on its back is explosive, so aim for that if you want an easy kill.

When the flamethrower boss is dead, another zombie horde will attack the platform that you’re on. Run to the other end of the platform opposite the signal house and pick up some more ammo for your weapons. Hold off against the zombie horde until a train pulls up along the platform. Get on board to trigger a cutscene and complete the Dead Ahead campaign.

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