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Zelda Skyward Sword HD gets big pre-order discount ahead of Switch release

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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD is out on the Nintendo Switch in just a few days time. The Wii Zelda game is heading to the Switch this Friday, and brings with it plenty of improvements over the original. The new version of Skyward Sword adds with improved motion controls, quality of life improvements as well as enhanced performance.

If you want to revisit the Zelda adventure, or are looking to play it for the first time, then you won’t want to miss out on a deal ShopTo are running.

The online retailer is offering a discount on Skyward Sword HD ahead of its release date on Friday July 16.

ShopTo has Skyward Sword HD available to pre-order on the Nintendo Switch for £42.85.

This is a 14 percent saving on the typical listed price of £49.99.

Besides getting a copy of Skyward Sword HD, the ShopTo listing also includes a keyring and a gorgeous looking steelbook.


Zelda: Nintendo tease sequel to Breath of the Wild in trailer

ShopTo are also offering a big discount on the striking looking Skyward Sword Joy-Cons.

These Joy-Cons, which also are out on Friday July 16, usually cost £74.99.

But ShopTo is offering these Switch controllers for £63.85.


The news comes as the reviews for Skyward Sword HD have just gone live.

At the time of writing, Skyward Sword HD has a 82 percent Metacritic rating based on 48 reviews.

This is compared to a 93 Metacritic score for the 2011 Wii original.

Here’s what some critics thought of Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch…


Skyward Sword HD review – VGC – 5/5: “While even an excellent remaster such as this can’t make Skyward Sword a perfect Zelda game, this is such a drastically improved version of one of the most overlooked entries in the series, that Switch owners simply mustn’t overlook a second time around.”

Skyward Sword HD review – The Guardian – 4/5: “Nintendo has done an unconvincing job of trying to position this remaster as a kind of prototype Breath of the Wild, and it sets newcomers up for disappointment – and undersells Skyward Sword’s unique charms. It’s hard to think of two Zelda games less alike: one a celebration of unbridled freedom and emergent thrills, the other an on-rails rollercoaster built by Nintendo’s brainiest puzzle architects. Somewhere in the middle there is a potent compromise – and the skydiving in the forthcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild suggests it may have been found. But until then, Skyward Sword is doomed to feel less ambitious. After Breath of the Wild, though, what game isn’t? A backward step it may be, but Link still holds that sword arm high.”

Skyward Sword HD review – Gamespot – 7/10: “The various quality-of-life tweaks that Nintendo has implemented here, welcome as they are, don’t fix Skyward Sword’s biggest issues, and it remains the most uneven 3D entry in the Zelda series. Even so, the improvements in this Switch remaster make the overall experience more enjoyable, and the characteristic Zelda magic ultimately outshines the game’s faults.”

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