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Zelda Breath of the Wild rival Genshin Impact has a release window, new PS4 beta

Genshin Impact, a new open-world action game that has been compared to the wildly popular Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, has a new release date window. While no set month has been announced for the game to be hitting Mobile and PC, developers miHoYo have narrowed down when it will arrive. According to the latest news, Genshin Impact will be available to play before October 2020.

This suggests that Genshin Impact will be available to download and play in either August or September.

Genshin Impact will be available to download first on iOS, Android and PC, although console versions are on the way.

A message from the Genshin Impact team explains: “Genshin Impact will officially open its doors on iOS/Android/PC platforms before October!

“Travelers will then be able to visit Teyvat to start an adventure of their own. Stay tuned to our official channels for the exact release date!”

While no exact date has been announced for the game, the timing suggests that another announcement is coming soon.

As mentioned above, Genshin Impact will be available to play again very soon on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

A new Beta is being worked on and will be available for some players to enjoy later this month.

What that means is that it will be another closed test for Genshin Impact, which limits who can join in and play.

A message from miHoYo reveals: “In order to provide all Travelers with a smoother, higher-quality Genshin Impact experience on PlayStation 4, we will once again hold a closed beta test for the platform on July 30.

“Due to limitations on the test platform and server regions, we will only be able to invite a portion of eligible Final Closed Beta applicants on PlayStation 4 from the North and South American regions. W

“We apologise to any Travelers not invited and ask for your understanding in this matter. We will finish sending out invitation letters for this closed beta by July 29, 18:00 (UTC+8). As such, we ask that all Travelers who meet the requirements above to check their emails in a timely manner.”

It looks like a version of Genshin Impact will be available to play long before Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 arrives.

The game is expected to come to Nintendo Switch, although it’s unclear if this will be before or after the BOTW sequel launches.

As we wait for more information about Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, a new report from Spain suggests the game may launch sooner than expected.

Spanish voice actors Nerea Alfonso and Marcel Navarro recently told Spanish podcast Un Cafe Con Nintendo that they had finished recording their lines for the upcoming game.

Now, further reports have suggested that the quotes may have been mistranslated, and that the Zelda and Revali voice actors may have been joking around about the level of secrecy surrounding the game.

If the truth lies somewhere in between, then it’s possible the game is further along in development than fans think.

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