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YouTuber Teases New Paint Jobs Coming In Next-Gen GTA 5 Upgrade

GTA 5's next-gen upgrade was originally scheduled for November but has since been delayed to next March. It's coming with what you'd expect from a next-gen enhancement, including 4K graphics at 60fps, "seamless character switching," and other unspecified improvements. At least one of which seems to have slipped through in the most recent update.

Several new car paint jobs have been discovered in GTA 5's files and can be accessed via a mod. GTA 5 YouTuber MrBossFTW recently posted a video (via DualShockers) showcasing all 16 new Chameleon Paint Job colors that can be accessed in the mod.

The colors are all basically multi-tone pearlescent paint that changes depending on the viewing angle. Each cost $1,200 GTA bucks, although that might change when the "expanded and enhanced" edition releases. There might also be more than 16 colors coming.

to access the new Chameleon colors, install the mod and then head to Los Santos Customs. Then go to your car's paint and select "Chrome." Each of the 16 colors are described below.

  • Monochrome – Dark chrome to metallic grey.
  • Chromatic Aberration – Bright neon pink to blue.
  • Night & Day – Bright yellow, dark blue transitions.
  • The Verlierer – Pink, purple, blue transitions.
  • Sprunk Extreme – Neon green to yellow.
  • Vice City – Like Verlierer, but brighter
  • Sunset – Golden orange to dark purple
  • Temperature – Dark red, orange, yellow, and cyan transitions.
  • Synthwave Nights – Yellow, pink, and purple transitions.
  • Four Seasons – Orange, yellow, green, cyan transitions.
  • The Seven – Similar to an oil slick.
  • Maisonette 9 Throwback – Cyan, pink, orange, yellow transitions.
  • Bubblegum – Pastel pink, cyan, white transitions.
  • Full Rainbow – As the name implies, full color spectrum.
  • Kamen Rider – Blue, pink, purple, dark maroon transitions.
  • It’s Christmas! – Red and green transition.

Still no word on exactly when in March GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced will arrive, but hopefully it goes a little more smoothly than the GTA Trilogy.

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