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You Can Now Play Morrowind Multiplayer In VR

Bethesda’s open-world RPG, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, turned 20 years old in North America this week. To celebrate, its multiplayer mod has been updated to allow the game to be played in virtual reality. That’s right, you can now enjoy Morrowind with your friends with the bonus of looking at your floating hands. Plus, you don’t even need a headset to take advantage of the update.

Over on the game’s Steam page, user David C. announced the release of the “first-ever playable merger of TES3MP and OpenMW VR”. This merger allows anyone with access to VR to play the multiplayer build through the headset. However, as David points out, non-VR players can also join the server, letting them play amongst the VR players.

Of course, being an “unofficial” VR port, the implementation is not completely flawless. As noted in the announcement, the hand movements of VR players cannot be seen by other players yet. Instead, it simply shows up as the regular animations. Still, this VR immersion is quite an impressive feat. In fact, the origins and trajectories of spells and ranged projectiles used by VR players are synched correctly, making it a rather seamless integration.

The OpenMW engine for Morrowind first showed up back in 2008. This engine made the game easier to tweak and build on for modders. In 2017, the power of the engine was put to the test with the release of TES3MP which made multiplayer in Morrowind possible. This was soon followed by the OpenMW VR fork that, as the name suggests, added VR capabilities to the game. Now, the best of both of these has been combined to bring multiplayer and VR together.

This mod comes as the game celebrates 20 years of fantasy action. Bethesda’s third installment in the Elder Scrolls series is much loved by fans. Upon its release in 2002, Morrowind amazed fans with its realistic graphics and a focus on immersion and realism. It's impressive to see a game survive the test of time and remain a fan-favorite 20 years later.

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