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Yakuza Producer "Would Make A Completely Different Sonic" If Sega Gave Him The IP

Ryu Ga Gotoku’s Daisuke Sato, the director of action-adventure title Yakuza, has said he would like to be involved in a Sonic the Hedgehog video game and would see to it that the game would have a completely different feel from previous ones which have emerged from the franchise.

Sato was interviewed by SEGA ahead of Sonic’s 30th anniversary, which comes up in 2021, and was asked which non-Yakuza IP he’d most like to work on if given the opportunity. Rather surprisingly, the director indicated he would like to get his hands on Sonic.

Sato added the iconic character would be nothing like what folks are used to.

“It’s an IP that I haven’t come to before. In the sense that I want to try it… well, Sonic,” he said in quotes transcribed by Tojo Dodo. “After all, when you hear SEGA you think Sonic. I’d like to get involved once at least.

“But for me, the so-called Sonic is, well, if I were to do it, I wouldn’t do Sonic as it was,” he says in the interview. “I would like to make a completely different Sonic.”

While this is a bit surprising, it stands to reason Sato would be keen on taking charge of Sonic as the character is one of the most popular names in the gaming sphere and has come to the fore in a number of titles over the years. It would be pretty interesting to see what he’d do with Sonic and, now that it’s out there, we’d very much like to see what could become of this.

Whether or not SEGA hands Sato the Sonic license is something that remains to be seen. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem like something they’d do but you just never know. The Yakuza dev has experience working on games like the Super Monkey Ball series and F-Zero GX so there’s no doubting his ability to bring us an incredible Sonic iteration.

In any case, fans would probably have to wait a while for something like this but, fortunately, new Sonic games have been announced for next year. A Sonic skin has since made its way into Fall Guys, which admittedly makes the character look a lot less nimble than we’ve become used to. Sato’s certainly can’t be any worse.

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