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xQc Is "Bleeding From Ears" After Recovering From Post-TwitchCon Covid

Streamer xQc has updated his fans on the illnesses he has been suffering following TwitchCon. After recovering from covid, xQc has been fighting off a double ear infection that has left him bleeding from both of his ears.

xQc posted an update over the weekend (via Dexerto) as his break from streaming continues. He revealed the pain from his ear infections had become so unbearable that he went to urgent care. Returning with antibiotic drops, the medication doesn't appear to have done the trick as the streamer's symptoms have worsened.

“Went to urgent care coz pain was unbearable and was bleeding from my ears,” xQc tweeted. “Used the drops, woke up in a worse state. I'm so swollen I can barely hear anything. I can't chew or talk right.” As touched upon, this all appears to have hinged from xQc suffering from covid following TwitchCon. Even though the streamer recovered from that, he suffered a double ear infection immediately afterward.

xQc wasn't the only person to return home from TwitchCon who then needed to recover from an illness, even though precautions by the organizers were put in place. It also only continues the trend of negative press stemming from the event since it went down two weeks ago. On top of being unable to do his job due to illness since the event, xQc also claims he was inappropriately touched by a woman during a TwitchCon after-party.

Fellow streamer Adriana Chechik has also been left unable to stream since TwitchCon. Chechik broke her back in two places after jumping into a shallow foam pit at the event. The streamer has been posting updates since, revealing that she will have to wear a back brace for a while and that she couldn't walk for a week after the injury, and even that was only a few steps with a walker and other people to aid her.

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