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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Ouroboros Fusion, Ranked

When going into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there's an expectation that Monolith Soft will deliver an emotionally engaging, action-packed anime adventure that will constantly keep you hyped up while simultaneously gut-punching you right in the feels. And, to nobody's surprise, they delivered yet again with another flashy and unforgettable experience.

One of the game's best moments, for example, is early on when the two central protagonists (Noah and Mio) Interlink and transform into the Noah-dominant Ouroboros to create one of the most exhilarating sequences ever, unlocking one of the game's most crucial systems. Then, as the game progresses, you learn that every member has their own dominant version of Ouroboros, which gets introduced in moments of desperation or when the stakes or insurmountably high. However, while every form is unbelievably powerful and downright awesome looking, some just stick out above the rest.

6 Lanz-Dominant Ouroboros

Kicking the list off is the Lanz-dominant Ouroboros, which is this hulking mass and absolute unit of a transformation, making it easily the sturdiest of the bunch. However, while it makes for an excellent defensive Ouroboros form, it looks a bit too similar to Noah's, which isn't necessarily the flashiest or coolest-looking variant in the game.

That said, Lanz's Ouroboros is still an overall spectacular form and one of the handiest during encounters. It's just unfortunate that it lacks the extra 'pizzazz' the others have, as it could have looked so much more forboding than it actually does. It also appears to be lacking a bit in personality, which all the others ooze, contributing to its ranking being dead last.

5 Noah-Dominant Ouroboros

As advertised in the previous entry, the Noah-dominant Ouroboros also looks a bit basic compared to the others and seems oddly similar to Lanz's. Fortunately, the one thing Noah's Ouroboros has over Lanz's is that looks absolutely phenomenal in action, especially during Chain Attacks, where he uses his oversized sword as a makeshift surfboard and carves his opponent up with ease.

Furthermore, this is the first Ouroboros form you see in the game, and it blows you away the first time you see it, meaning the ante needs to keep being raised when more get revealed. For the 'default' Ouroboros, Noah's is actually pretty incredible and still stands out whether you're twenty hours into the game or well over a hundred.

4 Sena-Dominant Ouroboros

Now it's time to dive into the overly designed but overly cool Ouroboros forms, with Sena's version being an excellent onboarding point. From the moment this form is introduced, you automatically know it's one of the best in the game due to its sleek design and unmatched strength. The Sena-dominant Ouroboros is exceptionally agile, making the fact that she's also wielding an enormous great hammer much more impressive.

Sure, Lanz's form displays unbelievable strength, but Sena's showcases the best of both worlds and has one of the best designs to boot. Unfortunately, you don't see Sena call upon this much in the story, and the remaining three get much more screentime and have even more fabulous designs than this, making it fall short by a slight margin.

3 Eunie-Dominant Ouroboros

Let's give it to you straight. Eunie's Ouroboros form is superb in practically every single way. From the bug-like design to her massive sniper rifle to her phenomenal blend of colors. It's the real deal, which made it that much harder trying to determine her placement. Furthermore, her healing capabilities are unparalleled in combat, making her Ouroboros form much more practical than most others in the game.

However, while the Eunie-dominant Ouroboros is one of the best in the game, it falls slightly short of the remaining two. Eunie is arguably one of the game's best characters, which naturally allows her Ouroboros form to shine in cutscenes and significant moments of the plot, but using it in Chain Attacks or during combat encounters can be a bit of a letdown. Nonetheless, it's still easily one of the best offerings in the game, allowing it to crack the top three.

2 Mio-Dominant Ouroboros

If it were up to our bias, we would have Mio's Ouroboros placed firmly at the number one spot, defending it until we died. And it wouldn't be hard to justify as a mecha catgirl wielding dual Moonblades is one of the best designs of all time, let alone limiting the scope to just Xenoblade Chronicles 3. And, if that's not enough to convince you, then maybe her blazingly fast speed, swift strikes, and spectacular flips and twirls will.

Mio's Ouroboros form is nothing short of exceptional and would almost always be regarded as the best there is in most circumstances. Despite her flashy jumps, impossibly fast movements, and lovely mecha catgirl aesthetic, she's no match for our last entrant, who mastered the arts of being a glowy ninja-warlock-thing.

1 Taion-Dominant Ouroboros

Last and certainly not least is the Taion-dominant Ouroboros, who expertly merges what makes both ninjas and warlocks cool into one variant for the ultimate Ouroboros form. Everything from healing capabilities to paper bombs to clones, you name it, is present in Taion's bonkers Ouroboros. Simply put, this Ouroboros is badass in every category and deserves much more praise than it currently gets.

Whenever Taion's Ouroboros first makes its debut, it looks like a scene straight out of Naruto, with him creating thousands of clones of his Ouroboros to overwhelm his opponent before swiftly teleporting above them to deliver a crushing blow. Just the look of the Taion-dominant Ouroboros is daunting, which is why it's a no-brainer to have it sitting comfortably at the top.

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