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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Ferronis Hulk Location

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  • Ferronis Hulks Overview
  • Aetia Region Ferronis Hulk Locations
  • Fornis Region Ferronis Hulk Locations
  • Pentelas Region Ferronis Hulk Locations
  • Cadensia Region Ferronis Hulk Locations

As you explore the vast, deeply expansive regions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's Aionios, you will quickly discover many things to see, do, and fight to earn rare materials, level up, or unlock new Heroes to join your party. One of the things you will constantly see throughout your adventure, for example, are Ferronis Hulks.

Ferronis Hulks are abandoned camps that require a unique resource to reactivate, which can only be done after you clear out the surrounding area of any monsters that may have inhabited the area. Resources, monsters, and difficulty all differ from Ferronis Hulk to Ferronis Hulk, but the rewards you get for reactivating them are well worth the time and effort.

Ferronis Hulks Overview

Ferronis Hulks are excellent side objectives to tackle as you explore Aionios. They will grant you Gold Nopon Coins, a place to Rest to cash in Bonus EXP or Craft Gems, or even use their Fabricators to obtain lots of Materials. While reactivating Ferronis Hulks won't be your primary objective, you should always tackle them whenever you happen across one, as the rewards you get are well worth it. That is, of course, if you are at a high enough level to take on the enemies in the area. Things can get rough, especially on the higher difficulties.

Currently, it appears there are two Ferronis Hulks in each of the game's four main regions, totaling eight Ferronis Hulks you will have to reactivate. The following sections will showcase each of them, along with their location, activation cost, and recommended level. Though be warned, if you are playing on the 'Hard' difficulty, maybe go into some of the higher ones a bit overleveled. Trust us on this one.

Aetia Region Ferronis Hulk Locations

The Aetia Region is where your adventure begins in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and where you will encounter your first Ferronis Hulk. There are two Ferronis Hulks in this region, both sitting at opposite ends of the map, with a severe gap in level requirements. You can find more information on them below!

Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Due to the Hillside Ferronis Hulk being part of the game's Main Story, you will activate this one by simply progressing through the story and near the start of the second chapter. You will find it on the southeast end of the region. Activating this Ferronis Hulk will teach you all about gathering Ether, using Fabricators, and much more.

Hillside Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkLuca's Eyot
Reactivation Cost1 Ether Cylinder
Fabricator Cost300 Gold
MissionThe Hillside Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 10
  • 680 EXP
  • 5 SP

Battlescar Ferronis Hulk

You can find the second Ferronis Hulk of the Aetia Region all the way north, at the top of the map. If you found the Torchlight Hill Landmark, it is just beyond that, past some rubble. While this is the game's starting region, and the level recommendation is 58, the enemies here are 60 plus, so come back to this one a bit later in your journey. We recommend being well over Level 60, especially on Hard.

Battlescar Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkTorchlight Hill
Reactivation Cost30 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost1,800 Gold
MissionThe Battlescar Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 58
  • 9,560 EXP
  • 10 SP

Fornis Region Ferronis Hulk Locations

The Fornis Region is the second region you will come across in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and is where you will learn about Gem Crafting, and Hero Quests, amongst other things. The good news about this region is that its Ferronis Hulks match its early-game placement, allowing you to tackle them early, unlike that pesky Battlescar Hulk found in Aetia.

Tableland Ferronis Hulk

The Tableland Ferronis Hulk is this region's first Ferronis Hulk you should activate and is located near the southwest portion of the map. To easily find this Hulk, head to the Saffronia Tree Landmark, head south, and make your way up an incline until you see a tunnel. Pass through the tunnel to find the Tableland Ferronis Hulk on the other end. As touched on already, this Ferronis Hulk shouldn't pose much of a challenge to you as the recommended level to tackle it is 22.

Tableland Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkSaffronia Tree
Reactivation Cost10 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost600 Gold
MissionThe Tableland Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 22
  • 2,320 EXP
  • 10 SP

Desert Ferronis Hulk

You can find the second Hulk of the Fornis Region in the northeast portion of the map. To easily locate the Desert Forronis Hulk, head towards the cliffside on the far east side of the map, northeast of the Raptor Perch Landmark. There will be several high enemies around the surrounding areas of the Desert Forronis Hulk, but the enemies you have to defeat can be taken down with little hassle at Level 35 and beyond.

Desert Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkRaptor Perch
Reactivation Cost20 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost1,100 Gold
MissionThe Desert Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 35
  • 4,640 EXP
  • 10 SP

Pentelas Region Ferronis Hulk Locations

Like the others, the Pentelas Region also has two Ferronis Hulks for you to discover, with both of them requiring you to be decently leveled. Though, seeing as this is the game's third region, you should be up to the task if you've been exploring and taking on optional quests or Rare and Unique Monsters. You can find out more info on these Hulks below!

Cascade Ferronis Hulk

The Cascade Ferronis Hulk is the first readily available Hulk in the Pentelas Region and is almost automatically discovered when progressing through the game's main story. When you arrive at Great Cotte Falls, you must keep to the right pathway to rest at the Old Way Camp, which will advance the story. However, taking a left and making your way towards the north end of this area will have you stumble upon the Cascade Ferronis Hulk, which stands alone on an island surrounded by aquatic monsters you will have to defeat before activating.

Cascade Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkAquifer Exhaust
Reactivation Cost15 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost900 Gold
MissionThe Cascade Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 30
  • 3,520 EXP
  • 10 SP

Clifftop Ferronis Hulk

The Clifftop Ferronis Hulk is a bit of a tricky one to get to and will require you to be on your best guard as there will be a metric ton of high-leveled enemies waiting for you on your way to it. Once you progress the story up to the fourth chapter and make your way to the Engardo Pass Camp, head to the northwest and look for a magnifying glass on your mini-map. Once located, press the lever in the area to open a gate with a Unique Monster behind it (Fun!). Take down the Unique Monster and work your way across the long bridge that is crawling with Keves and Agnus Soldiers.

Once on the opposite side of the bridge, you will see a winding pathway that leads to the top of a cliff, where the aptly named Clifftop Ferronis Hulk lies. The foes here are pretty challenging and are in several groups. We recommend being at least Level 50 on Hard and taking things slowly. Aggro one group at a time, and do not accidentally trigger the others, or it is game over for you.

Clifftop Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkDouble Crag Gate
Reactivation Cost25 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost1,500 Gold
MissionThe Clifftop Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 48
  • 7,360 EXP
  • 10 SP

Cadensia Region Ferronis Hulk Locations

Cadensia is the final region of the game and is an absolute nightmare to traverse. Here, you will explore the vast, seemingly neverending waters of the Erythia Sea, with immensely high-leveled monsters just waiting to feast on you. Luckily, you will gain access to a boat when reaching this area, making traversal slightly easier. There are two Ferronis Hulks here, which we will cover in more detail below!

Atoll Ferronis Hulk

The first Feronnis Hulk you can come across in the Cadensia Region is the Atoll Ferronis Hulk, located just northwest of the Vinisog Holm Camp (the Camp you rest at when first arriving at the Erythia Sea). As you sail the seas, head northwest from the Camp and keep an eye out for a large island in the shape of a helm from an old Pirate's Ship. The Atoll Hulk will be in the middle of the helm, with the monsters you need to defeat swimming around the island. This area has several high-level birds flying above that do not need to be killed to reactivate the Hulk, but we suggest not doing anything to draw them to you, or you will likely get overwhelmed.

Atoll Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkPioneer's Inlet
Ether Cylinders25 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost1,400 Gold
MissionThe Atoll Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 46
  • 7,120 EXP
  • 10 SP

Sandbar Ferronis Hulk

The Sandbar Ferronis Hulk is the final and by far the most challenging one in the game. From either the Vinisog Holm Camp or the Eternal Canopy, head north as if you were heading towards the Agnian Castle, and keep an eye out for a large island roughly in the middle of the Erythia Sea. The island is called the Lavi Sandbar, and the Sandbar Hulk is found directly in the middle of it. This area is incredibly challenging, so be prepared for the fight of your life if you aren't at least above Level 62.

You will need the Scree Walking Party Ability to access this Ferronis Hulk, obtained by doing the 'Teach Hero Quest,' which we covered here!

Sandbar Ferronis Hulk
Nearest LandmarkEternal Canopy
Reactivation Cost30 Ether Cylinders
Fabricator Cost2,000 Gold
MissionThe Sandbar Hulk
Recommended LevelLevel 62
  • 10,720 EXP
  • 10 SP

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