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Xbox Series X Is Beating The PS5 In China And New Zealand, And Almost Nowhere Else

A new report shows that PlayStation 5 is poised to dominate this upcoming generation of consoles. That fact will probably earn a big “duh” from most readers. PlayStation’s got the exclusives, and at the end of the day, people care more about games than teraflops. Xbox does have Halo, but that isn’t looking too promising as of late. However, this report does reveal some surprising facts, such as which countries prefer Xbox Series X to PS5.

The data comes from digital marketing company Rise at Seven. Its analysts looked at Google data and online market share country-by-country to see where interest lied. The data showed that PlayStation dominates the 161 countries studied. 148 countries prefer PlayStation based on market share. Of those 13 that prefer Xbox, China, New Zealand, and Mexico are the biggest.

These contests are pretty close, however. Chinese gamers¬†are about 55% percent in favor of Xbox. New Zealand is 51% and Mexico is 63%. It’s in smaller countries where Xbox really dominates. Afghanistan prefers Xbox by a whopping 90%. American Samoa also has a favoritism for the Microsoft machine, which is interesting as the larger USA trends towards PlayStation.

Looking at the USA, UK, and Canada – where many of TheGamer’s readers are – PlayStation wins while leaving a healthy Xbox community intact. The US is about 57% in favor of PlayStation, as is the UK. Canada is 56%, not far behind.

The most extreme PlayStation fans are, unsurprisingly, Japan. They have a 98.94% PlayStation preference. Just to save you the math, that’s only about 1.06% of Japanese gamers that prefer Xbox. It makes one wonder why Microsoft even bothers to sell consoles in Japan. Another curiously huge batch of PlayStation fans are the people of Denmark. They’re 81% in favor of PlayStation.

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to hold your shiny new console soon. If you’re a PlayStation fan, you will be able to have your controllers this week. Keep an eye on TheGamer in the coming weeks, as we’ll have more news and reviews of both consoles, and maybe even some Switch coverage as Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity approaches.

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