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Xbox Live DOWN: Xbox One server status news, gamers report Party issues

Xbox Live servers are down tonight and gamers are reporting issues with playing titles in parties.

It appears that Xbox One and Xbox 360 games have been affected, with gamers reporting being ejected from live servers.

Reports started coming in of issues connected with core Xbox Live services at around 2am, BST.

The good news is that this isn’t a worldwide outage, but gamers are being mainly affected in the United States.

Reports from gamers tonight suggest that Party Chat services have also been affected, as well as general connection to multiplayer games.

Strangely, it appears that Xbox servers are being affected in one area of the United States, with down detector showing a big outage on the East Coast.

It’s unclear what has caused tonight outage, or how long it might last on Xbox One.

Microsoft has yet to address the current outage, so it’s unclear how serious it might prove to be.

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