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Xbox Game Pass Members Will Get Access To CrossfireX’s Operation Catalyst Story

Smilegate provided additional details about CrossfireX's launch across PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game will have two story-driven operations developed by Remedy Entertainment, and if you are an Xbox Game Pass member, you'll get access to one of them at no extra cost. The second is available only as part of the Ultimate Package for $29.99.

CrossfireX launches on February 10, and the game's pre-load is already available on the console, the publisher revealed. While the multiplayer component of the upcoming FPS will be free-to-play, those really interested in the project can purchase one of its premium bundles, including additional goodies like experience boosts and a Battle Pass.

However, if you are just interested in CrossfireX's cinematic story campaign created by the studio behind Control and Alan Wake, it gets a little complicated. There are two sets of story missions, called operations in the game. One of which, Operation Catalyst, will be included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription at launch. This way, you can try a significant part of the offer before deciding whether to purchase the second Operation, Spectre.

As for the Operations themselves, each one will take around three to four hours to complete. The publisher earlier revealed some pretty spectacular trailers that might keep you excited for more — after all, it'll be interesting to see how the studio handles the new first-person perspective instead of its classic third-person view.

Right now, three different editions of the game are available for pre-order, $9.99 for the Originator's Package and $14.99 for Founder's Package. While those only include extra characters, weapons, and different boosts for your online experience, if you're primarily interested in story content, the Ultimate Package is your choice — currently on sale with a $5 discount. This one bundles all story operations and also grants you a Season 1 Battle Pass. Keep in mind that both Originator's and Founder's packages will only be available in store until February 10, before CrossfireX is out.

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