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Xbox Fan Streams Game Pass Titles On Their Phone Cover

Thanks to cloud gaming, playing your favorite titles on the go has never been easier. Mobile phones have gone from struggling with Candy Crush to being capable of streaming Skyrim on the bus. Couple that with Game Pass and you've got a great selection of title available to play right there in your pocket. However, one Xbox fan has streamlined the process even further, using their new phone's cover screen to access Xbox Cloud titles without even opening it.

For those that don't know, the Samsung Flip 4 has a handy little screen on the cover that lets you check the time, weather, and certain apps without having to flip it open all the time. Most people would probably use it for rather mundane things, but Redditor the_jeef has found out that you can actually access the Game Pass app and stream games on the cover's tiny screen.

As you can imagine, trying to play a game on a screen smaller than the palm of your hand has its challenges, mostly because the touch controls for the games don't actually fit on the screen itself. However, the_jeef plugs a controller into their phone and boots up all kinds of games to show the screen in action on the Xbox Game Pass subreddit.

First off, the_jeef answers the immortal question of "Will it run Doom?" by sharing a video clip of themselves playing Doom Eternal. They then reveal that the screen doesn't only just work with Cloud games, but also works with Xbox's Remote Play feature as well, showing Assassin's Creed Odyssey running almost perfectly. It's now only a matter of time before someone in the Dark Souls community sees this and attempts to finish Elden Ring with it.

It wouldn't even be the most impressive accomplishment by an Elden Ring player either, as someone recently beat infamously difficult boss Malenia with one hand AND whilst level one.

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