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Xbox Exclusive Planet Of Lana Looks Like A Tranquil Off-World Adventure

In the middle of the Summer Game Fest 2021, Thunderful Publishing revealed a rather tranquil trailer for a title called Planet of Lana. Taking inspiration from hand-animated platformers such as Ori and the Blind Forest, this title will actually be an Xbox exclusive game with a release planned for late 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (via Steam and the Windows Store).

An official description from the publisher states that the game will be a cinematic puzzle adventure with hand-painted visuals. Taking control of a character named Lana, players will embark on an off-Earth odyssey to save her sister from some unknown threat. On your travels, you’ll come face to face with a world “unlike anything seen before.”

Developer Wishfully Studios teases that players will encounter engaging puzzles, tense stealth sequences, and an interesting companion mechanic with their pet, a cute little created named Mui. It seems these different gameplay styles will feed into the story, revealing different layers to Lana to the players over time.

On both PC and Xbox Series X, players will be able to experience Planet of Lana at 4K resolution and with 60 fps playback. That should help make the artwork stand out, especially if it features HDR implementation. With the game being an Xbox exclusive, I’m starting to wonder if Planet of Lana will launch on Xbox Game Pass or not.

We still have quite a wait ahead of us before we find that out. Thunderful will be sharing more details from Planet of Lana in the coming months. If it looks interesting to you, be sure to check out the company’s Twitter account.

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