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WWE’s Asuka Does Mo-Cap For "Many Characters" In Virtua Fighter 5

WWE Superstar Asuka has revealed she did the motion capture for a number of the fighters in Virtua Fighter 5.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is officially here. Even better, the game is one of three available for free on PS Plus this month alongside Operation: Tango and Star Wars: Squadrons. The enhanced remake of the fighting classic comes almost 16 years after the original was first released, and includes more than just visual enhancements.

Sega even appears to have updated and improved the motion capture used for the game, or at least that’s the implication by WWE Superstar Asuka. The former Raw Women’s Champion revealed shortly after Ultimate Showdown’s release that she provided the motion capture for many of its fighters. The reveal came after a fan discovered she had put in the leg work, and the arm work, for Vanessa.

“I’m a motion actor for many characters from Virtua Fighter 5,” Asuka replied. Best of all, the gif used in the original tweet shows Vanessa delivering a stomp, a wrestling move, to Rey Mysterio, a wrestler. Okay, we know it’s El Blaze really, but you can’t deny the similarities between Virtua Fighter’s luchador and the one that has been gracing wrestling rings for the past three decades.

Odds are Asuka is no stranger to motion capture. After appearing in a number of WWE video games, having to perform mo-cap has likely become an annual occurrence for her at this point. Well, perhaps she would have had a break last year. WWE 2K skipped WWE 2K21 following the disastrous release of WWE 2K20. WWE 2K Battlegrounds filled the gap, and the main series will return later this year via WWE 2K22.

Asuka also doesn’t dabble in fighting and wrestling games alone. The Empress is very active on YouTube and even has her own gaming channel. The crossover between wrestling and gaming is extensive. Xavier Woods, otherwise known as Austin Creed, is a G4 host and has his own YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown, which boasts 2.26 million subscribers. A number of other wrestlers use Twitch, although WWE’s ban on the use of third party sites has resulted in some having to suspend their channels.

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