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WWE 2K22’s Most Wanted DLC Launches Today

WWE 2K22 launched earlier this year and so far, the first game in the series for more than two years has done a terrific job of making up for the misgivings of its predecessor, WWE 2K20. 2K continues to show it will build on the base game too. Not only by announcing support for 2K19 and 2K20 will soon come to an end so all focus will be on 2K22, but also via DLC. The second of five announced packs will be available to buy or download later today.

The second batch of DLC has been dubbed the Most Wanted pack and features five WWE Superstars from wrestling's past and present. The headliner of today's DLC is Vader. The late wrestler was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Cactus Jack, one of Mick Foley's three in-ring personas, is also a part of the Most Wanted DLC, which means you can re-enact the iconic match between him and Vader which resulted in Foley losing half an ear.

The other Superstar from WWE's past added to the roster today will be The Boogeyman. How he will look in-game can be seen below. As for current stars, NXT's Indi Hartwell, and NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov round out the pack. This will mark the first time either of them has ever been included in a WWE video game.

WWE 2K22's Most Wanted DLC comes three weeks after the Banzai Pack expanded the game's roster by adding the likes of Yokozuna and Rikishi. Three more packs including 18 other Superstars have already been announced and will be rolled out gradually between now and July 19, 2022. It's possible more DLC is revealed after that since the likes of Zelina Vega and the returning Cody Rhodes aren't yet on the roster, nor are there plans to add them at this time.

The exact time today's Most Wanted DLC will be available to download hasn't yet been revealed. If it launches at the same time as the Banzai Pack, it will likely be available at around 2 pm EST, so keep checking back after that. If you have 2K22's Season Pass, or you bought the Deluxe or NWO 4-Life editions of the game, the new DLC will be available to download for no additional cost. If not, the pack can be purchased separately as soon as it goes live.

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