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WoW: Shadowlands – How To Choose A Covenant

As soon as you complete the Shadowlands campaign and hit level 60 you’ll be asked to choose one of the four covenants to bind your soul to for the next two years. While the decision can be changed later, there is a significant amount of catch up you’ll need to do if you end up picking a different covenant. The grind gets even worse if you ever decide to return to a covenant your previously left, so it is in your best interest to choose a covenant and stick to it. We can’t know how balance changes will affect covenants in the future and it’s possible that the “best” covenant today will get nerfed later while the “worst” covenant could eventually end up being the best. For that reason, it’s important to remember there is no wrong answer when picking a covenant. With that said, here’s everything you need to know before you choose your covenant.

Exploring The Covenants

As you played through the Shadowlands campaign, you’ve already had the opportunity to experiment with each of the four covenants. The covenant you choose will provide you with two new abilities, one signature and one class-specific, as well as access to three soulbinds that will provide you with uniques pathways to additional power. Further, you’ll participate in your covenants campaign and earn several mounts and cosmetic items that will only be available to members of your covenant. You will be spending a lot of time in the realm of the covenant you choose completing weekly Callings (just like Emissary missions from BFA) and engaging with various systems in your Covenant Sanctum, including the Command Table, Forge of Bonds, and Covenant Upgrades.

All of these individual factors need not play a role in deciding which covenant to choose. To keep things simple, your choice of covenant should come down to only two things: highest power and favorite fantasy.

Choosing The Strongest Covenant

Many players will want to choose the Covenant that offers the most useful abilities, highest damage, or best stats. While soulbinds do play a part in this, only a small number of soulbind tiers are locked to specific covenants. For the most part, you’ll be able to collect conduits and slot them into your soulbind regardless of what covenant you choose. Because the signature abilities are consistent for every class, the difference-maker is the class-specific ability.

Generally speaking, tanks will choose Kyrian, healers will choose Necrolord/Kyrian, and DPS will choose Night Fae. There are tons of exceptions to these and the best option changes depending on if you’re focused on Mythic+ dungeons or raiding. Wowhead has a breakdown for all 39 specs, so if you really want to choose a covenant that performing at the highest level, check out the guide for your specific subclass.

Choosing The Covenant You’ll Enjoy The Most

As I said, balance changes could dramatically shift the meta. Choosing Night Fae because it’s the strongest covenant for raiding as a Fire Mage is totally fine, but if Maldraxxus gets buffed and you actually hate the Night Fae you’re probably going to have a really bad time.

If you’re planning on jumping into Shadowlands with both feet and sticking with it for the entire expansion, then choosing the strongest covenant and switching to the next strongest one with every balance change is a perfectly reasonable way to play. Otherwise, it might be best to just pick the covenant you like the most even if it isn’t technically the strongest. If you can’t stand Revendreth then it’s not a good idea to choose Venthyr because you’re going to have to spend a lot of time in Revendreth. Pick your favorite covenant and you’re going to have the most fun.

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