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World Of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Classic – Complete Tailoring Guide

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World of Warcraft: Classic is returning to Northrend, the continent that hosts the Lich King and his undead minions. You have to be dressed right to endure the chill of Northrend while making a dent in those dungeon mobs, and nobody knows that better than the Tailors of Azeroth.

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion raised the level caps for all Professions, and Tailoring provides some of those precious pre-raid Best-in-Slot pieces so it gets a lot of attention. There's also a flying carpet mount that only Tailors can use. Tailors should level their skills not only for fun and profit, but also for their own benefit. This guide will help get you there quickly.

Northrend Trainers

Before you go to Northrend, it's best to make sure your Tailoring skill is maxed out at 350. The professionals you'll meet in this new environment can only train you past this level.


  • Alexandra McQueen: In Vengeance Landing on the east coast of Howling Fjord. Accessible via zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades.
  • Raenah: On the main floor of Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. Take a zeppelin from the tower outside of the front gates of Orgrimmar.


  • Benjamin Clegg: In the city of Valgarde, nestled in the natural part that cuts through Howling Fjord. The boat from Menethil Harbor docks here.
  • Darin Goodstitch: Find them in Valiance Keep, off the southern coast of the Borean Tundra. Take a boat from Stormwind Harbor.


  • Charles Worth. He stands next to the counter in Talismanic Textiles, the tailor's shop located in the Magus Commerce Exchange.

Farming Frostweave

  • Enemy Drops: If you're hoping for drops in the open world, you should target any kind of humanoid character first. This makes Howling Fjord a better place to start, since most of the enemies on this part of the continent are humanoid.
  • Dungeons: Frostweave can be found in any instance, but priority should be given to those that feature humanoid enemies. Utgarde Keep, with its Vykrul, and the Troll temple of Zul'Drak are two examples.
  • Reinforced Crates: One of the many things you can retrieve from the depths through Fishing, they appear randomly in a variety of fishing nodes. They can contain a variety of raw resources, such as Borean Leather, Cobalt Ore, or Frostweave cloth.
  • Chests and Lockboxes. Whether they appear in the open world as something you can open and loot, or as a locked item in your inventory that you need a Rogue to open, there's a chance they might carry Frostweave.

Leveling Guide


The new cloth on the loom is Frostweave, an item only found in Northrend and only for characters from level 70 and up. The first step in leveling Tailoring is to gather 250 pieces of Frostweave Cloth to level your skill from 350 to 375, and make 50 Bolts of Frostweave in the process.

Once you reach 375, talk to your Trainer about the Frostweave set. Make key parts of this set to grind up to 395. One possible combination is five Belts, five pairs of Boots, and thirteen Cowls. By now you can ask to be trained in the Duskweave set, and five Duskweave Belts should get you to 400.

Imbued Frostweave

At level 400, you can train to make Imbued Frostweave. This is the main component of the high-level Northrend Tailoring recipes. To make it, you need Bolts of Frostweave and Infinite Dust, an Enchanting reagent. If you're not an Enchanter, buy it from the Auction House, ask a friend, or raid the guild bank.

By now you should have trained for a few higher-level recipes. Make parts of the Duskweave set to get from 400 to 425, which takes five Belts, five pairs of Boots, and thirteen Cowls. Now you can make Frostweave Bags. Everyone needs more storage space, so these are easy to sell if you can't use all of them yourself. You need to make about 20 to reach the max skill level of 450.

Reasons To Level Tailoring

  • The Magic Carpet: What more needs to be said? There's a magic carpet that you can learn in The Burning Crusade, but that's not an epic-level, extra-fast mount like the Magnificent Flying Carpet — which comes complete with shapeshifting abilities, a Disney reference, and a comfy pillow.
  • Best-In-Slot Items: You're likely a Tailor if you're one of the cloth-wearing DPS classes, which means you'll be able to make some of your BiS pre-raid pieces without slogging through dungeons or battlegrounds. The Wintry Hate of Doom and the Ebonshroud Robe are just two examples.
  • Other Professions: First Aid is one of the primary Professions that every character knows. Tailors have an advantage when it comes to leveling First Aid since they have to stockpile cloth anyway — the main component for making bandages.

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