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Which Pokemon From Scarlet And Violet Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

As with every new generation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced a whole host of fun new Pokemon. From adorable starters to epic Legendaries you can traverse the Paldea Region with, there’s a wide range of fresh Pokemon designs. The addition of Paradox Pokemon has also added a unique twist, presenting alternate past or future forms of some familiar Pokemon.

Scarlet and Violet allow you to explore the world as you wish, making it the first truly open-world Pokemon game. If you’re looking for the ideal Pokemon companion for your journey, your Zodiac Sign might provide you with the best insight.

12/12 Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Houndstone

Capricorns are stoic, straight-faced individuals who are not easily ruffled. Houndstone, a Ghost-Type Pokemon and the evolution of Greavard, is a great representation of Capricorns’ nature. With fur hanging over its face, it’s hard to tell what Houndstone is feeling, much like Capricorns’ default unreadable expressions.

Houndstone’s skeletal design, tombstone protrusion, and ghostly color palette also echo Capricorns’ innate coldness. Capricorns also tend to be fairly grim, a fitting parallel to Houndstone’s Ghost-Type designation. Houndstone and Capricorns also share the trait of determination, as Houndstone’s Ability, Fluffy, and many of its moves allow it to endure damage and lengthen the battle.

11/12 Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Quaxwell

Quaxwell, the first evolution of Water-Type Starter Quaxly, is a Pokemon who is fabulous and knows it. This vibe matches Aquariuses’ own. Quaxwell’s dancer energy reflects Aquarius’s creativity and desire to stand out from the crowd. Aquarius is also represented by a Water-Bearer, making a Water-Type like Quaxwell the ideal pick.

The Practicing Pokemon works hard at becoming the best and most elegant dancer. Aquariuses can relate to this, as they would put in the same amount of effort to make their unique artistic mark on the world.

10/12 Pisces (February 19-March 20): Tandemaus

Pisces are gentle souls, so an adorable Pokemon like Normal-Type Tandemaus fits their vibe perfectly. The Couple Pokemon resemble a pair of cute mice and appear warm and welcoming, just like Pisces.

Pisces are also community-oriented and loyal to their friends. Just as Pisces prizes partnership above all else, so too does Tandemaus. The team of mice-like Pokemon are inseparable and do everything together. Its evolved form, Maushold, continues this emphasis on teamwork as well, transforming from a pair into a family of three or four.

9/12 Aries (March 21-April 19): Skeledirge

Aries are fierce, hot-headed, and aggressive—all traits that Fire-Type Pokemon embody well. And what better Pokemon for Aries than Skeledirge? The Singer Pokemon is the final evolution of Fire-Type Starter Fuecoco, and unlike its prior evolutions, Skeledirge gives off the intimidating energy of an Aries.

As natural leaders, Aries would appreciate being one of the Starter Pokemon. Their ambition is definitely suited for a final evolution like Skeledirge, who is likely to be involved in some of the toughest battles late in the journey.

8/12 Taurus (April 20-May 20): Great Tusk

Great Tusk is one of the Paradox Pokemon, a past version of Donphan with giant tusks and distinct red spikes. This Ground- and Fighting-Type Pokemon is the ideal pick for Taurus, as both have an unshakable drive, and Tauruses are notoriously stubborn. This trait is echoed in Great Tusk’s base defense stats, which are extremely impressive.

Great Tusk is also one of the formidable Titan Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet, responsible for guarding the Sour Herba Mystica. Tauruses, who are loyal and persistent, would rise to this responsibility, too.

7/12 Gemini (May 21-June 21): Charcadet

Geminis are known for having a double nature, inspired by the Twin constellation. Charcadet, the Fire Child Pokemon, may appeal to them because of this Gemini tendency. Charcadet has two potential evolutions. Armarouge is Charcadet’s Fire- and Psychic-Type evolution, while Ceruledge is its Fire- and Ghost-Type evolution.

Additionally, Geminis are known for their courage, which suits Charcadet’s fiery spirit. Charcadet is not afraid to back down from a fight, growing more passionate as the battle progresses, and Geminis are the same.

6/12 Cancer (June 22-July 22): Klawf

While Klawf and Cancer clearly go together through their shared crab inspiration, the similarities don’t end on appearance alone. Cancers tend to be extremely introverted, preferring to say reclusive. This trait is echoed in Klawf, who is known as the Ambush Pokemon, leaping out from its dark hiding places to attack those who pass by.

Also, Cancers are emotionally volatile, another characteristic Klawf possesses. Its signature Ability is Anger Shell, which causes Klawf to boost several of its stats if it begins to lose the battle and becomes enraged.

5/12 Leo (July 23-August 22): Sprigatito

Grass-Type Pokemon Sprigatito is the clear choice for Leos. On the surface, these two are connected by their feline roots: Sprigatito is the Grass Cat Pokemon while Leo is symbolized by a Lion. Their shared traits go much deeper than that, however.

Leos adore the spotlight and tend to have a prideful streak. As such, they would love to be a Starter Pokemon like Sprigatito, as the pre-evolved starters are among the most recognizable Pokemon across the series. Also, Leos are upbeat in nature, and the smile on Sprigatito’s face suggests it is a cheerful Pokemon.

4/12 Virgo (August 23-September 22): Dachsbun

Dachsbun is Fidough’s evolved form, resembling a mix of dachshund and delicious baked bread. This Fairy-Type Pokemon relates to Virgos through their shared hardworking nature. Dachsbun is noted as a huge help to farming regions since its delectable aroma contributes to crops like wheat growing. Virgos, as practical individuals, would appreciate this sensible, useful role that Dachsbun plays.

Additionally, Virgos are known to be down-to-earth. With its dachshund-like design, Dachsbun is literally close to the earth, a nice physical representation of Virgos’ own grounded personality.

3/12 Libra (September 23-October 23): Scovillain

For the peacekeeping Libras, Scovillain might seem like an odd choice, but the Spicy Pepper Pokemon’s unique traits actually relate to Libras’ tendencies very well. Libras are all about maintaining stability, and while Scovillain is known for its ferocity, the two heads balance each other out. The green smiling head stores energy, while the red frowning head lets that energy loose.

Scovillain is also unique for its strange Grass and Fire-Type. These opposing types find an intriguing harmony in Scovillain, which is compelling for peacemaking Libras.

2/12 Scorpio (October 24-November 21): Miraidon

The futuristic Paradox Pokemon of Cyclizar, Miraidon is a dual Electric and Dragon-Type with an edgy look. This makes it the perfect Pokemon representation for Scorpios, who tend to be a little dark and mysterious. Miraidon even has some scorpion-like features, including its long tail, darker coloring, and thick claws.

Scorpios are also known for their cunning and ambition, which describes Miraidon as well. According to the Pokedex, this Legendary Pokemon is rumored to bring destruction to the land with its electric powers.

1/12 Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Koraidon

Koraidon is the Legendary mascot of Pokemon Scarlet, a prehistoric version of Cyclizar that allows you to ride on it across the Paldea Region. With their free-spirited, adventurous nature, Sagittariuses would enjoy traveling across the world and exploring all of its sights.

Koraidon is a dual Fighting and Dragon-Type, which is a good fit for Sagittariuses’ energetic personalities. Koraidon’s signature ability, Orichalcum Pulse, emphasizes Koraidon’s Fighting-Type side by boosting its Attack stat. Sagittariuses would appreciate this, as it speaks to a desire to take an offensive approach in battle and leap into the action headfirst.

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