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Where To Find All The Collectibles In The Ossu-Gol Necropolis In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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  • Where To Find The Lore Scrolls (x3)
  • Where To Find The Rune Switch (x1)
  • Where To Find The Lost Marbles (x2)
  • Where To Find The Poetry Pages (x2)
  • Where To Find The Lucky Dice (x20)
  • Where To Find The Ancient Obelisk (x1)

There are special items in every map in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands that you can pick up to gain boosts or extra loot. There are Ancient Obelisks, which spawn unique bosses and large-scale battles, Lost Marbles, which tell the story of an Amnesiac, and more!

In this article, we detail where you can find every single collectible in one of the last maps in the game: the Ossu-Gol Necropolis! Most of the map is a sprawling town populated with Coiled, zombies, and other enemies, so it's easy to miss a few things. We're here to help!

Where To Find The Lore Scrolls (x3)

Lore Scroll #1

The very first Lore Scroll is found above the entrance to the Shrine of Lightning. You'll go here during the quest 'Hot Fizz' but you don't need to be doing that quest to grab it.

Lore Scroll #2

The second Lore Scroll is found shortly after the first Lost Marble and the eighth Lucky Die, while in the Ancient Catacombs. It's on the side of one of the rooms on your way to the Hall of Heroes, just after the trap with three swinging axes.

Lore Scroll #3

The last Lore Scroll is found back out in the town.

It's in a home that can only be accessed by pressing a button nearby and racing through the entrance before the timer wears off.

Where To Find The Rune Switch (x1)

The Rune Switch is on the top of the building where you meet with Korbin and receive the quest 'Hot Fizz.' When you activate it, the runes are spread out across the city, but you have a reasonable amount of time to grab them all if you're light on your feet.

Where To Find The Lost Marbles (x2)

Lost Marble #1

The first Lost Marble is in the town outside the ancient catacombs. It's easy to miss because it's up in a tower tucked away with a light.

Lost Marble #2

There's a Lost Marble to be found right after you delve into the ancient catacombs after dispelling all the Wells. It's a bit tricky to reach, since it's on a sand slide you go down while the Dragon Lord gives you exposition. Luckily, there's a fast-travel node just before it, so you can retry it a couple times.

Where To Find The Poetry Pages (x2)

Poetry Page #1

The Poetry Page is in the town you visit outside the ancient catacombs. It's under a wooden ledge and a staircase, sitting next to a chest.

Poetry Page #2

The next Poetry Page is found after you go through the ancient catacombs and reach the elevator at the end. As you go up in it, check the sides – the Poetry Page is on a ledge!

Where To Find The Lucky Dice (x20)

There are plenty of Lucky Dice in this Necropolis! They deserve their own guide, so look for them here:

  • Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Where To Find All The Lucky Dice In The Ossu-Gol Necropolis

Where To Find The Ancient Obelisk (x1)

The Ancient Obelisk in this map is found in a room that branches off of the ancient catacombs. Unless you're keeping an eye on the map, you probably won't notice it, because you'll go through this room quickly to avoid the purple sludge.

The Ancient Obelisk challenge will spawn a unique boss for you to defeat: Mandiblon, Chomper of Skulls.

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