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What we know about GTA 6 as Rockstar confirms leaked images and videos are real

GTA 6 fans went wild over the weekend when more than 90 videos and images of Rockstar's upcoming title leaked to the Internet.

The leaks, which came from an early version of the long-awaited game, confirmed many different rumours about the game's setting and playable characters as well as a few more surprising details.

Now, a public Twitter statement from Rockstar has confirmed that the leaks came from 'early development footage' of the game after "an unauthorized third party illegally access and downloaded confidential information from our systems."

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Rockstar added that it will "properly introduce" fans to the game as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, here's everything we know about GTA 6—at least, the leaked early version of it.

The rumours were right about a 'Bonnie and Clyde' storyline

One of the biggest rumours about GTA 6 to emerge prior to this leak was that it will include two playable characters, including a Latina woman, in a homage to the iconic crime duo 'Bonnie and Clyde'.

In July, GTA fans uncovered the portfolio of a Puerto Rican voice actor, Alexandra Cristina Echavarri, whose CV stated she voiceover work for a 'principal character' in a Rockstar game. This led some fans to speculate that the game would feature the series' first playable female protagonist.

It seems that the rumours were correct, with many of the leaked videos indeed showing a female character, 'Lucia', engaged in many of the criminal activities that GTA fans know and love alongside a male character.

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The game will be set in the Miami-inspired Vice City

A longstanding rumour about Grand Theft Auto VI is that it will return the series to Vice City, the Miami-inspired setting of GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories.

The leaked clips and videos show an extraordinarily detailed seaside city, complete with a concert stadium, boats, palm trees, and even a Vice City Metro station which can be used to get around town.

Because the leaks are from a very early build of GTA 6, the videos and screenshots don't show off the full map or range of locations in the game. It's also important to remember than an awful lot has likely changed within the game since this early version was created.

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GTA 6 could have 'RPG'-style elements to make it more realistic

According to the leaks, GTA 6 will introduce some survival-style elements to the game, including food, fatigue, hydration, and tiredness bars for the player characters.

These are just a few elements designed to make the game more immersive, however. There are rumoured to be major changes to the dialogue system, giving players many more choices in how they interact with other characters.

This reportedly includes the ability to rob, talk, or sell drugs to NPCs throughout the game world, as well as swim, take cover, and of course, shoot.

You will even be able to take hostages, as shown in footage of a character robbing a restaurant at gunpoint.

Rockstar has not responded to a request for comment on the leaks or whether these features will appear in the final game. This article will be updated if and when we hear from them.


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