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Watch This Time-Lapse Build Of The LEGO Far: Changing Tides Ship

We’ve been enthusiastic about the beauty and unique gameplay found in the Far games from Okomotive. Far: Lone Sails introduced the idea of crafting a ship of questionable quality as it makes its way across a mysterious landscape, and Far: Changing Tides continued those core principles with some fun new twists.

Changing Tides focuses on a seaborne ship that gradually gains new components and features as the player encounters new obstacles. In an especially fitting way to highlight the game’s distinctiveness, the game makers partnered with Aaron Newman, a professional LEGO-building artist, to create a custom LEGO set of the ship seen in the game. Newman was a LEGO Masters USA Season 1 contestant and has since moved on to be a product designer at The LEGO group, though it’s important to note that this particular build was completed before he started that new gig.

I had the good fortune to receive the unbuilt pieces for the ship, along with Newman’s smartly presented instructions, and over the course of several days, I got to put the ship together. As a LEGO enthusiast myself, I felt that the build itself was a ton of fun, offering a variety of interesting mechanical elements, like a light-up furnace for burning fuel, as well as a mast and sails that could raise and lower. Moreover, the build was filled with clever asymmetrical elements, reflecting the somewhat ramshackle nature of the ship as it appears in the game.

Far: Lone Sails

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