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Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Is Finally Available On PC

After several delays, Ubisoft has released the long-awaited Online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion on PC. The developers updated the game on all platforms, addressing some important issues to provide the players with a solid shared game experience in the futuristic version of London.

Originally planned for a December 3 release date, Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer was initially delayed for all platforms, as the team prioritized fixing issues with the single-player campaign before moving ahead with new content. However, after the Online mode was slated for PC and console release on March 9, the developers encountered some unexpected troubles that caused multiplayer to crash on PCs with certain video card models.

Finally, the waiting is over. Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer for PC is launching along with a new patch 3.22, addressing a number of critical fixes for the PC version of the game. Title Update 3.22 was released on other platforms as well, though the Online mode itself for console players has already been available since March 9.

According to the Watch Dogs: Legion team, in a new patch the developers solved the problem that leads to endless loading when you turn on the in-game benchmark, as well as fixed several bugs that triggered periodic crashes while playing online. The size of the update is approximately 14.4 GB on PC.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode includes new cooperative missions, random events in a shared open world for four players, racing events, PvP-arenas with robots, and Tactical Ops missions, which are not yet available. Ubisoft previously mentioned those missions will be added to the game only on March 23.

Ubisoft recently revealed that Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer will support crossplay between various platforms, as well as cross-generational play. It is possible these features will be included in the future big update with Tactical Ops missions coming in a few days.

There are still some issues left in Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer on PC, according to the first players’ feedback. Ubisoft advises all fans heading straight to the game’s bug reporter to outline all remaining problems so the team can fix them as soon as possible.

Watch Dogs: Legion is playable on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

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