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Watch Dogs: Legion leak shows playing as a cop and a football hooligan

It may only be a handful of screenshots, but the latest Ubisoft leak shows some of the most unique player characters yet, from Watch Dogs 3.

There’s been a lot of Ubisoft leaks lately, probably because their Ubisoft Forward not-E3 reveal event is coming up this weekend, but despite this latest one being just four screenshots from Imgur they do impart a lot of useful information.

As is widely known, the big gimmick with Watch Dogs: Legion is that you can play as any character at all in the game’s post-Brexit, dystopian London. That means anyone from a fitness buff to a 80-year-old granny, although clearly some characters are going to be more versatile than others.

Amongst the most useful is likely to be a police officer, which is what one of the screenshots show, as well as a James Bond-esque spy and a football hooligan.

Each character has their own unique traits and special abilities, which again may or may not be useful, but the policewoman in the screenshot has something called Bail Out, whose description reads as Team Arrest Release – presumably some sort of get out of jail free card for your team of revolutionaries.

The James Bond stand-in has a silenced pistol, a special watch that can jam enemy weapons, and a spy car that can fire missiles and turn invisible. So yeah, he seems a keeper.

And then there’s the football hooligan, who has the Rally Cry ability that lets him call friends into a fight and a Tough Drunk perk that means he takes less damage while under the influence.

Although it doesn’t yet have a release date, after being delayed from its originally intended spring release, Watch Dogs: Legion is expected to be out either later this year or early next year – on both current and next gen consoles.

The last time we played it was at E3 last year but it was looking pretty good even then.

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