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Warzone’s MG 82 LGM Released Yesterday And Is Already Next In Line To Be Nerfed

Call of Duty Warzone added the MG 82 to the game yesterday, but it’s already being targeted in the next round of nerfs.

The MG 82 is a brand new LMG that has been added as a tier 15 unlock within the Season 4 battle pass. Players who have run into the LMG can attest that it has an incredibly quick time-to-kill. This is arguably the quickest Raven Software has ever announced a nerf for a weapon in the game, which should speak to how powerful the gun is.

Similarly to the Streetsweeper shotgun, the biggest problem to come with the MG 82 is the fact that it can be found as ground loot within Warzone, which means that players can find it simply through looting. Even without all of its upgrades, it’s an incredibly powerful LMG with a fast time-to-kill. Add attachments to it, and you’ve got one of Warzone’s strongest guns.

A video from ModernWarzone on Twitter shows just how powerful the LMG is when fully upgraded. In the clip you can see the player using the MG 82 and being able to pick off targets within seconds of firing with little recoil. It’s reminiscent of clips that went around when the Sykov was the meta’s most broken weapon.

The power of the weapon and the incoming nerf was mentioned through Raven Software’s Twitter account in a pretty meta Tweet, “The MG 82 (BOCW) made one too many trips to the Pack-a-Punch machine before deploying to Verdansk. Element 115 is off-limits in Warzone so we will be making an adjustment to this Weapon soon.”

Beyond the references to Zombies and the Pack-a-Punch machine, it’s made clear by Raven Software that it is well aware of the issues with the LMG and is working on a nerf for it. As you can probably see from some of the examples above, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence in Warzone. The most famous example of nerfing is probably the Rook skin for Roze, which caused players to be incredibly hard to spot.

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