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Warlord: Britannia – How To Make Money

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  • The Difference Between Aurei And Denarii
  • The Quickest Way To Make Denarii
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Britain may not be a particularly big place when compared to the world, but it’s still a hefty chunk of land that takes a while to traverse on foot. Not only that, there are angry locals, constant casualties, and the frequent need to relocate your base of operations. Turns out, conquering the Britons in Warlord: Britannia is not only difficult – it’s expensive too.

If you want to get anywhere in this game, you are going to have to make bank. You are going to have to make it quickly, and you are going to have to make it effectively. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to gather a trove so vast it would make a dragon blush. Grab your Pilum, we are going hunting.

The Difference Between Aurei And Denarii

Warlord: Britannia has two forms of currency, Aurei and Denarii. Aurei is your gold supply, whilst Denarii is your silver. Even if you put aside the colour difference, these two currencies do very different things in-game.


Aurei is much harder to come by, but also doesn’t cover as many systems. Aurei is mostly used to recruit new soldiers. If you want to grow your Legion, you are going to have to find a way to stockpile Aurei.


Denarii is much more common. So much so in fact, you will find it in the hundreds on the regular. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable, however. Denarii is used to do just about everything else. If you want to promote your soldiers, upgrade their weapons, or give them fancy roles, then you need Denarii. Thousands of Denarii in some cases.

The Quickest Way To Make Denarii

Denarii is very easy to come by providing you know what to do. The quickest way to make copious amounts of cash is to capture Settlements. The bigger the Settlement, the better. Of course, don’t push straight into a Village if you haven’t first built up your forces a bit.

When you capture a Settlement, you will be given the option to Loot, Enslave, and Tax the locales. Each of these options will grant Denarii, although the best way to exploit a Settlement is to tax it. Keep the other two options blank, open the menu under “Tax” and set “Full Taxation”. This settlement will not send you hundreds of Denarii every day, giving you a regular income.

Do this with most/all Settlements you come across, and you will quickly be making thousands of Denarii every time the sun comes up.

The Best Way To Make Aurei

Aurei requires a bit more work. This is because it’s much harder to get a regular supply of Aurei shipped to you every day. Instead, you have to go out and work for that money. How? Killing Convoys. Convoys carry a lot of Aurei (and Denarii), with each Convoy giving you enough to expand your Legion quite substantially if you manage to execute the ambush.

If you want to know how to effectively take out Convoys, we have a guide for that.

You could also consider looting Settlements. This is a very quick way to get an injection of cash, but it may hurt your ability to Tax people due to the increase in unrest. Immediate gains for smaller long-term growth.

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