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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: Interceptor Class Guide

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  • What Is An Interceptor
  • Skills And Abilities
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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters features a whole bunch of classes, each capable of dealing with Nurgle and his followers in their own right. Whether you have a mighty Justicar leading by example or a Purgator laying down a disgusting amount of firepower, there’s a guy for the job.

This is where the Interceptor comes into play. The Interceptor is freakishly fast, can deal a heinous amount of damage, and is designed to get up close and personal. Packing a teleporter and a big stick, these guys are glass cannons incarnate, but they fill a niche no other Knight can.

What Is An Interceptor

Interceptors are melee combatants like no other. They can instantly teleport to enemies, kill large groups of enemies with ease, and with even a tiny amount of support, can go on rampages the likes of which you’ve never seen. They are highly specialized, but also come equipped with a few skills that give them a little bit of utility in a pinch.

Skills And Abilities

Innate Abilities

Every class comes with a unique ability that are unlocked at Level One. These abilities help specialise your Knights right out of the gate.

Interceptor The Interceptors Melee Attacks cannot be Parried.

Core Discipline

This tree is full of general skills that lead to specialized skill trees.

Psybolt UpgradeThe Interceptor’s Psybolt deals +1 damage.
Force Strike UpgradeThe Interceptor’s Force Strike deals +1 damage.
Willpower x2The Interceptor gains +2 WP permanently.

Psychic Suppression Discipline

The tree unlocks and upgrades the Psychic Suppression Psychic Attacks. It also expands the Interceptor’s weapon pool.

Psychic SuppressionThe Interceptor targets a single enemy within 10 and afflicts Silence for 2 turns. Silence prevents enemies from using Psychic abilities.
Duration Upgrade x2The Silence effect from Psychic Suppression lasts for +1 turn.
PsilencerThe Interceptor can now equip the Psilencer.

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This tree unlocks and improves the Hammerhand Psychic Attack.

HammerhandThe Interceptor strikes an adjacent target and deals Weapon Damage. This attack has a 100% chance of landing a Critical Hit.
Crit Damage UpgradeHammerhand deals +1 damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Warp ChargeActivating this ability allows Hammerhand to afflict enemies with Bleed for 2 turns.
WillpowerThe Interceptor gains +2 WP permanently.

Aegis Shield Discipline

This tree is designed to increase the efficacy of the Aegis Shield ability.

Armor Upgrade x2Aegis Shield increases armor by an additional +1.
Warp ChargeActivating this ability allows Aegis Shield to grant an additional +3 armor.
Wargear SlotThe Interceptor unlocks an additional Wargear Slot that can be used to equip any type of Wargear.

Teleport Discipline

This Discipline enhances the Interceptors Teleport ability.

TeleportThe Interceptor can select a destination within 10 and instantly teleport to it.
Range UpgradeTeleport gains +5 Range.
Swap Allies Teleport can now be used to swap the position of an ally within range.
WillpowerThe Interceptor gains +2 WP permanently.

Teleport Strike Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Teleport Strike Psychic Attack.

Teleport StrikeThe Interceptor selects any number of enemies and a valid destination within 10. All enemies take 4 damage and the Interceptor teleports to the selected location. This attack deals no Stun.
Damage UpgradeTeleport Strike deals +1 damage to all targets.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Teleport Strike will deal an additional +2 damage to all targets.
Teleport BoostWhenever the Interceptor uses a Teleport ability, there is a 50% chance they will gain +1AP.

Melee Discipline

This tree upgrades the effectiveness of all Melee Weapons that the Interceptor can use.

Crit Chance Upgrade (1)The Interceptor has a +5% Critical Hit Chance
Crit Chance Upgrade (2)The Interceptor has a +10% Critical Hit Chance
Crit Damage Upgrade The Interceptor deals +2 damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Ruthless PrecisionWhenever the Interceptor lands a Critical Hit, there is a 50% chance that they will gain +1AP.

Cleansing Strike Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Cleansing Strike Psychic Attack.

Cleansing StrikeThe Interceptor strikes an adjacent enemy and deals Weapon Damage. This attack has a 100% chance to Purge enemies hit. Purge removes all Mutations from a target.
Warp ChargeWhen Activated, Cleansing Strike gains Armor Piercing. This allows attacks to bypass any Armor and deal damage directly to the target's HP.
Damage UpgradeCleansing Strike deals +2 damage.
HealthThe Interceptor gains +4HP permanently.

Support Fire Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Support Fire Auto Ability.

Support FireWhenever an enemy is shot in Weapon Range of the Interceptor, the Interceptor will shoot dealing +2 damage. Ability cannot trigger from Overwatch.
Damage Upgrade x2Support Fire deals an additional +1 damage.
Enduring ReflexesThe Interceptor can use his Auto Abilities +1 times per turn.

Essential Skills

The Interceptor, whilst having access to some ranged abilities and even weapons, does not have the tools to take advantage of them. If you want a character to use heavy weapons, the Purgator is a better choice – even if the Interceptor has greater mobility.

Because of this, the Interceptor should be focused on dealing Melee damage, and these skills are essential pickups when doing that:

  • Hammerhand
  • Teleport Range
  • Teleport Strike
  • Psychic Suppression

Hammerhand is one of the best abilities in the game. This is especially true on the Interceptor. The ability to automatically land a Critical Hit is loaded with utility. You can cripple larger targets, dismember enemies, and deal massive amounts of damage at will. This is made more effective on the Interceptor due to the multiple Crit Damage modifiers available to him.

Teleport Range is too good to pass up. The Interceptor’s big gimmick is the ability to zip around the battlefield and close the distance. Range 10 is great, but having Range 15 allows the Interceptor to teleport to targets out of range of his, and their, guns. Essential utility pick.

Teleport Strike is one of the most effective crowd clearing abilities you can have access to. This is, in practice, an uber grenade – only the Interceptor is the explosion. You can damage entire formations instantly when using this, and when upgraded, that damage is dialed even higher. The fact you still teleport to any location in range, allows you to stay safe, or teleport next to tougher enemies and smack them around.

Not only that, but Teleport Strike is NOT Teleport. You can use Teleport Strike to deal massive damage and close the gap, then use Teleport to escape to safety. The mobility these two skills grant is why you bring an Interceptor. Nothing can compare to it.

Psychic Suppression is the final essential skill simply because Silence is so hard to find elsewhere, and it is a very cheap pickup. Even at base, Psychic Suppression shuts down any Psyker you come across – no matter the size. Fighting a cultist? He’s turned into a potato. Fighting a Demon Prince? They are crippled. Dabbling in this Discipline adds that extra layer of utility to the Interceptor.

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