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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: How To Get More Grimoires

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The Imperium Of Man is a dogmatic regime built on a foundation of ignorance. Understanding anything beyond obedience-driven hymnals is borderline heresy, and death will swiftly follow. Even then mighty Grey Knights of Titan cower at the idea of knowledge – but in order to conquer Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, you need it in great supply.

“Knowledge is power, hide it well”. Wise words of the heretic Isador Aikos. Grimoires hold the secrets to unravelling Nurgle’s plans, and Inquisitor Vakir is all about thwarting the Rot Prince. We are going to cover what Grimoires are, and how you can get your grubby mits on as many as humanly possible.

What Are Grimoires

Grimoires are books of power that indirectly tie into your progression through Chaos Gate. They are a secondary collectible and resource that links into the Libris Malleus, Inquisitor Vakir, and Research.

Grimoires increase your research speed, and the more you have, the faster you get. Each tome is a powerful boon, granting a whopping 20 percent research speed boost. Grimoires are not that hard to get ahold of either, so stockpiling them – especially over several hundred days of (in-game) play – can seriously alter your end-game strategy.

How To Get Grimoires

Grimoires, like Servitors and Requisition, are awarded for completing missions. Not all missions grant Grimoires, but considering the high number of missions that spawn, you are almost guaranteed to find a mission dropping them.

The catch is that Grimoires, as powerful as they are, operate in a game where Servitors and Requisition are equally as important. Balancing what missions you take, and the rewards you get is all part of the interwoven decision-making that forms the core of Chaos Gate’s out-of-combat gameplay loop.

How To Improve Your Grimoires

Grimoires, at their base level, are pretty powerful. Each one grants you a substantial boost to your research speed. This can be enhanced, however, at the Manufactorum. Upgrading the Libris-Malleus will increase each Grimoires research speed by 30 percent, with each subsequent upgrade increasing that boost even further. This can drastically increase the rate in which you complete your projects, and in turn, hasten you along the path to greater power.

Losing Grimoires

Many events will crop up whilst you play Chaos Gate, and they tend to be negative in nature. They will often require the sacrifice of resources to prevent – or reduce the effects – of a disaster of some descriptions. Grimoires are no different, and a large stockpile may be depleted overnight.

You will have to decide if losing Grimoires is worth averting the disaster, or if you can take the hit, and keep the Libris Malleus stocked up.

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