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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: Every Advanced Class, And How To Unlock Them

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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters starts you out with four classes, the Justicar, Purgator, Interceptor, and Apothecary. These lads, despite being the first Grey Knights you can control, are all incredibly powerful and more than capable of fighting the hordes o

f Chaos. Firepower, support, healing, and melee – they have it all covered.

They aren’t the only classes, however, and there are actually four more classes to unlock and find, and these are the Advanced Classes. You aren’t told about them when you start your Crusade, but they exist. Each one adds a lot of variety to your lineup and is well worth picking up, experimenting with, and bringing into battle. But how do you unlock them?

How To Unlock Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are unavailable at the start of Chaos Gate, but once you have progressed far enough in the story, they will suddenly start appearing in various interactions. On an average playthrough, they should start making their appearance between Day 150 and 200.


Your first advanced class will be given to you by the Grandmaster himself. You will be whisked away to a dialogue with the big man, and he will offer you one of the four classes, Paladin, Purifier, Chaplain, or Librarian. You aren’t told what these classes do, but if you are a fan of the tabletop hobby, you should have a fairly solid idea.

Once you’ve selected your new Knight, you can more easily find more.

Mission Rewards

When you complete a mission, you will be rewarded with Armory unlocks. These can be weapons, armor, or even wargear. In addition to this, you will also be given the opportunity to recruit a new Knight to Strike Force. These are, more often than not, one of the basic classes.

You can, however, grab yourself one of the advanced classes from these rewards, and you absolutely should go out of your way to do this when you have the Requisition available. You should have at least one of every class in Chaos Gate to maximize your customization options when building your squads.

To increase the chances of an advanced class appearing as a reward, spend Requisition to upgrade your Knight acquisition during Grandmaster Reports.

What Are The Four Advanced Classes

The advanced classes are the Paladin, Purifier, Chaplain, and Librarian. They all bring something new to the table and are incredibly powerful – even when compared to the already powerful basic classes.


The Paladin is the quintessential tank of the team. Whilst the Justicar can pull this duty too, the Paladin is built for it. He can only wear Terminator Armor, he has access to Storm Shields, and he is more than capable of protecting allies and killing enemies at any range. He is especially good at stunning enemies with devastatingly heavy blows, leading to brutal executions.


The Purifier is a devastating short-ranged fighter who is all about burning Nurgle’s rotten children. Death comes in many forms, and the Purifier is especially adept and purging the universe of filth.


Chaplains are the warrior-priests of the Emperor. Capable of imbuing their allies with powerful buffs, and stripping enemies of corruption. Chaplains are brutal melee combatants, and powerful support pieces combined into one, deadly package.


All Grey Knights are powerful Pskyers. Every class in the game has access to some form of powerful Psychic ability that enhances their abilities. Librarians are Grey Knights who are dedicated to the Psychic Arts and are substantially more powerful than even their mighty brethren. They deal death from afar with warp magics, and they are very good at it.

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