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Warcraft Movie Director Reveals His Plans For Two Sequels And Explains Why They Never Happened

2016’s Warcraft movie from director Duncan Jones made more than $439 million globally to become the highest-grossing video game movie in history worldwide. Multiple sequels were planned, but they never came to be due to the movie’s very poor performance in the US, where it made only $47 million.

Jones has now shared more details on what he had planned for the Warcraft sequels.

The first sequel would have focused on Go’el/Thrall as a young orc slave in Blackmore’s gladiator camp, Jones said. He would have become friends with a Tauren who informs him about a new world. In the third movie, Jones planned to take the adventure to Kalimdor, with the story focusing on the founding of the iconic Warcraft location Orgrimmar.

“Basically, the trilogy was the fulfilling of Durotan’s promise to give his people a new home,” Jones said.

Parts 2 and 3 aren’t in the works because the US box office numbers were so bad, Jones said in a follow-up tweet. Jones said in another tweet that he has “no idea” if sequels to Warcraft will ever be made. He added, “No one I worked with on the film even works there anymore.”

In addition to Warcraft coming up short at the US box office, the reviews were not very positive.

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