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VR Roulette Episode 5: Punching Pigs, Quidditch And Doritos

Welcome to VR Roulette! This is our LIVE weekly game show on YouTube that’s streamed (usually) on Wednesdays. We select a list of weird, quirky, and/or bizarre VR games and take turns spinning the wheel to see what we’ve all got to play next. Tune in with us live on YouTube! Read our announcement article for more details.

Okay, we can no longer call VR Roulette a weekly show. But! We’re back this week! We have new, random, weird, silly VR games to wade through and we’re inviting you to watch them along with us.


This week we’re back on SteamVR with a smorgasbord of strange and scary VR games. We’ll playing spooky Quidditch in Broom Ball and caving into our corporate overlords in Doritos 3D Battle. Hopefully we’ll win a PS5 in the process but sounds doubtful.

So, what do you think of VR Roulette so far? Do you like the show? Do you think things could be improved? Let us know either over on YouTube or in the comments below.

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