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VR Roulette Episode 2 LIVE: Ski Doom, Cute Idols, And More!

Welcome to VR Roulette! This is our LIVE weekly game show on YouTube that’s streamed (usually) at 10AM PT on Wednesdays. We select a list of weird, quirky, and/or bizarre VR games and take turns spinning the wheel to see what we’ve all got to play next. Tune in with us live on YouTube! Read our announcement article for more details.

Last week we debuted VR Roulette with minimal technical issues, so this time we’re back again and hoping it goes even more smoothly! And yes, we know, it’s a Friday and not a Wednesday but a little thing called Facebook Connect happened and it sort of threw a wrench into the week’s typical plans.

If you missed the pilot episode, you can check that out here. For this week we’re revamping the wheel with all-new games, including You Can Pet The Dog VR, Happy Oshare Time, Ski Doom VR, Loo War, and much more. It should be a great time, all things considered here.

You can tune in live right here starting at about 10AM PT or if the stream is over you can watch it as an archived video. Make sure and take time to appreciate the beauty of this thumbnail:


Do you have any recommendations for games or types of games you’d like to see in future VR Roulette episodes? Do you think we could do anything to make the show better (keeping in mind David lives in California and Jamie/Zeena live in the UK) or is it good as-is right now?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments down below!

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