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Virtue’s Last Reward – How To Escape The Rec Room

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The Rec Room is an escape room found behind the Blue Chromatic Door in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Here, you will explore the recreation room with the help of Alice and K. This medium-sized room is filled with items and objects to interact with, like pool tables and dartboards.

While Alice and K can point you in the right direction, the Rec Room can still be a confusing escape room. Let's take a look at the layout of the room, how to solve each puzzle, how to find the Gold File, and ultimately how to escape.

Rec Room Layout

Before we begin our escape, let's get familiar with the layout of the Rec Room.

In the center of the Rec Room, you can find a pool table. Above that, hanging from the ceiling, is a large scoreboard, but this won't be used for the puzzle.

On the front wall, four sets of armor are positioned on a stage, with a control panel in front of them. A stuffed deer head can also be found hanging on this wall.

At the left wall, you can find a dartboard and diagram, and a mini-fridge filled with bottles of Luminol. To the left of the fridge is the exit door, and a light switch is located on the wall to the left of the door.

On the other side of the room, next to the entrance door, you can find a jukebox and a three record display cases, with the middle one remaining locked, for now.

Against the back wall, you can find a large Zero III ride and the escape safe.

How To Escape The Rec Room

Now, let's seek a way out of the Rec Room.

To start, head over to the mini-fridge near the exit. Here, you can pick up a scrap of felt and bottle of Luminol from inside the fridge, and a set of billiard balls from the top of the fridge. Before you can play pool, grab the billiards poster from the back wall near the exit.

Now you're ready to play pool. First, place the scrap of felt on the missing spot on the pool table, then spray the table with Luminol. Move over to the exit door and flip the light switch, turning off the lights. Looking at the pool table now, you can find glowing letters in the following orientation.


Make note of these letters, as you'll now need to turn the lights back on, making them no longer visible. Interact with the pool table to start the billiards mini-game.

Here, your goal is to place each of the billiard balls in the correct pockets. To do this, you will need to match the colors of the balls on the billiard poster to their number, and reference the diagram in the mini-game to figure out which pocket it goes into. Using these hints, you can determine the solution to this puzzle as follows.

  • Pocket A is solid purple – place the 4 ball in the top right pocket
  • Pocket B is solid yellow – place the 1 ball in the bottom left pocket
  • Pocket C is striped orange – place the 13 ball in the top left pocket
  • Pocket D is solid blue – place the 2 ball in the middle right pocket
  • Pocket E is solid green – place the 6 ball in the bottom right pocket
  • Pocket F is striped yellow – place the 9 ball in the middle left pocket

After solving this puzzle, a capsule will appear, allowing you to pick up the dart tips.

Now, move to the front wall with the knight armor. With nothing equipped, take the axe and lance from the two battling knights. While you're here, put the axe in the left knight's hand to match his shadow with the light turned off. Then, press play on the device in front of the armor to begin the scene. The axe-wielding knight will attack the blocking knight to destroy the glass on the shield. Pick up the Allen wrench from the shield.

Now, grab the pool cue from the knight on the left. Combine the Allen wrench with the pool cue to get the key with circular tip.

Next, move next to the Zero III ride and pick up the extension cord. You can go ahead and plug this into the jukebox now if you want, but we will return to this part later in the puzzle. Either way, head back to the Zero III ride and use the key with circular tip to open the drawer and find the coins.

Insert a coin into the slot and allow K to ride the ride. The machine will take his picture, which he will kindly give to you. On the back of the picture, you can find the letters and numbers Z9 and D1.

Return to the jukebox and plug in the extension cord if you haven't already. With a coin in hand, insert one into the jukebox and dial one of the two codes from the photo, Z9 or D1. Typing in both of these codes will cause a gold disc to appear, allowing you to add it to your inventory.

Turn to the right and place both gold discs in the left and right record display cases. Doing this will cause the middle case to open, allowing you to pick up the dart case. Combine this with the dart tips you received earlier to obtain darts and the empty dart case. Inspecting the dart case will give you the clue of score 91, which will help when you start playing darts.

Head over to the dartboard and add the rules for playing darts to your archive. Then, interact with the dartboard to begin the mini-game. Your objective is to place three darts on the board whose total adds to 91. However, you will need to follow the additional rule on the dart case, which is that the value of the red dart must be less than the blue dart, which must also be less than the green dart.

The solution for this mini-game is to place the darts on the following sections.

  1. Place the first dart on the red 6
  2. Place the second dart on the blue 11
  3. Place the third dart on the green 20

Doing this will cause the screen to turn green, giving you the Green Safe Password. Put this into the safe to escape the Rec Room.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, return to the dartboard. Rather than placing the darts so that red is less than blue, which is less than green, you must interpret it in the opposite way, according to the greater-than symbols on the cover of the darts case. This means that, to get the Gold File, you will want to place the darts in the following positions.

  1. Place the first dart on the red 17
  2. Place the second dart on the blue 11
  3. Place the third dart on the inner green 8

Doing this will turn the dartboard screen blue, giving you the Blue Safe Password. Put this into the safe to receive the Gold File.

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